Airport guide: JFK

Navigating an airport that you’re not familiar with can be a challenge, especially if it’s a big one and you have to make a connection during a short layover. Luckily, airports are designed to be navigated quickly and efficiently, and here’s a quick, handy guide to fill you in on all you need to know … read more

The Must-Pack Flight Friendly Snacks

Picture this: you’re on a long haul flight and you’re absolutely starving. The snack menu is – shall we say – underwhelming, or worse, you were so tired you slept through food service and now you’re starving. The pretzel bites given-out by the flight attendant just aren’t going to cut it, but luckily, you thought … read more

Staying Fresh in Flight: The Essentials

Long flights can be a bit of an ordeal, especially if you’re stuck on a full flight – leaving you in close quarters with all the other passengers. It’s easy to land feeling absolutely gross and exhausted, especially if you didn’t sleep the night before and have had a particularly long flight. Luckily, there are … read more

How To Minimize PHL Airport Hassle 24hrs Before Departing On Your Adventure.

Hassles at the airport are never the highlight of anyone’s vacation. Airports are busy; you never quite know how much time you’ll need before checking in, or how conveniently located your gate is. Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), which was described by Business Insider as one of the ten most frustrating airports in America, is no … read more

Toronto, ON (YYZ): What to Expect from Toronto’s Newly Renovated Terminal 3

Toronto’s Pearson International Airport’s terminal 3 recently underwent a major overhaul as part of their #ReThinkT3 campaign. Work has finally finished on the rumored $140 million project, with more than 50,000 feet of retail and relaxation space newly developed to serve the ever-increasing number of people who use the terminal every day (it’s estimated that … read more

When Is The Best Time To Book A Flight?

Traveling is invaluable in so many ways, and yet as anyone who’s travelled knows, the costs can quickly add up, making cheap airline tickets highly sought after. But unless you know where to look, finding cheap flights can be difficult. On a single flight, there are often more than a dozen pricing categories. So—when is the best … read more

A Simple Guide to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Located in Westchester, alongside LA’s beach communities, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the biggest in the state of California and one of the busiest in the world. Millions of passengers pass through it on their way to countless destinations around the world. With 737 daily nonstop flights to 100 domestic cities, and 1386 weekly nonstop … read more

Newark Airport (EWR) Guide

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is one of several international airports serving New York City. Situated 15 miles southwest of Midtown Manhattan, it straddles the municipal boundary between Newark and Elizabeth, New Jersey. Not only was EWR one of the first main airports in the US, but for a long time, it was also one … read more

10 Tips for Fearful Flyers

Fear of flying affects many people. If you’re among them, chances are you’ve found yourself imagining the worst possible outcome more than once while seated and ready to go. While it’s true that there is always a small risk when you board a plane, there is risk in literally everything we do—even walking down the … read more