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How to make a smart choice on PDX Airport Parking

Portland International Airport (PDX) offers over 500 domestic and international flights each day. Serving approximately 19 to 20 million passengers each year, this airport accounts for 90% of Oregon’s airport travel. The airport spans about 3,000 acres, making it a moderate-sized commercial airport. The biggest airlines that fly out of Portland International Airport are Alaska … read more

3 Places to Find Cheap Airport Parking in Louisville Kentucky

Parking at airports can be economical using One Stop Parking! Our easy-to-use platform makes reserving affordable parking in advance simple and smooth. offers reasonable parking nearby to many major airports, including Louisville International Airport.  Using the simple online reservation system, you can explore pricing for many safe locations to park your vehicle. Each location’s … read more

The secret to saving big with RDU airport parking

It’s no secret that airport parking is always pricy. No matter which airport you depart from, airports charge a pretty penny for parking due to the convenience. Many travelers find they have no choice but to park at the airport, despite the expensive price point. Parking at RDU is no exception to this commonly known … read more

Your Guide to Cheap Parking near Cincinnati Airport

CVG airport, a popular airport serving the Cincinnati region, serves millions of passengers each year. As one of the fastest-growing airports, CVG offers various parking lots to accommodate each traveler’s airport parking needs. Whether you need long-term parking or short-term parking, preparing to park at CVG airport requires some planning. This CVG airport parking guide … read more

How JFK Parking Can Be Found for Less Money

John F. Kennedy Airport is one of New York’s largest major airport hubs serving the North Jersey and New York metropolitan areas. This is in addition to LaGuardia and Newark Airport. Since 1948, this popular airport has serviced millions of passengers each year, both internationally and domestically.  Serving more than 16 million passengers per year, … read more

FAT Parking Has Some Incredibly Affordable Options: Here’s How to Make It Easy

FAT, or Fresno Yosemite International Airport, is located in Central California, servicing both military and public flights. This airport is quite busy, serving almost two million passengers each year. Located near three major national parks, this airport draws in tourists from all over the world. This airport was formerly named Fresno Air Terminal, where it … read more