Denver Airport Parking: The Complete Guide to Long-Term Parking Options

Denver airport parking can be an anxiety-inducing process, but it doesn’t have to be. Many people assume long-term airport parking is a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be.

DEN is one of the easiest airports in the US to park your vehicle long-term while you travel. Consider this your ultimate guide to Denver airport parking!

Introduction: What is a Long-Term Parking Lot and Why Should I Choose It?

A long-term parking lot is exactly what it sounds like! These parking lots allow you to park your vehicle for two days or longer. You can even leave your vehicle in a long-term parking lot for months, making it the ideal choice for people going on extended trips.

Denver has several long-term parking lots associated with different companies, such as Park DIA and The Parking Spot. You pay a specific rate depending on how long you plan to leave your car in the lot, and you can park before your flight.

Employees in the parking lot will direct you where to park, give you a ticket with your parking zone so you can find your car later, and then shuttle you to the airport. The shuttle drive from DEN to the long-term lots is about five to eight minutes.

So why choose long-term parking? Why not leave your car safe and snug at home during your trip and get a ride from a friend or use a carsharing app to get to the airport?

First, it’s convenient to drive to and from the airport using your own car. You don’t have to rely on anyone coming to pick you up or drop you off on time, and you don’t have to pay the high carshare rates for airport trips.

Colorado is also a large state with few airports, so most people in Colorado trek to DEN when they have to fly. For some, the drive to the airport can be hours long. Instead of asking a friend to take this time out of their schedule or pay an insane carshare rate on Uber or Lyft, you can drive in the comfort of your own vehicle and then leave your car there. When you return from your trip, your vehicle will be readily available to you.

The flexibility of having your own car at the airport is especially helpful for people who change their travel plans often or don’t know when they’ll be back. Most of the long-term parking options at DEN give you the option to adjust your reservation, whether you return early or stay on your trip longer.

How Much does it Cost to Park for Over a Month at DEN?

The Denver airport’s long-term parking prices are much cheaper than most major airports. Because DEN is the largest airport in the US, they have plenty of space to park vehicles for weeks at a time.

Airports in tight cities like Logan in Boston or JFK in NYC can charge hundreds of dollars a day for long-term parking. But at DEN, you can park your car for as little as $6 per day.

If you select the most basic parking options at DEN, you can leave your car in one of the long-term lots for a whole month for as little as $180!

Short-term parking at DEN, meaning vehicles parked for less than 48 hours, is far more expensive. Short-term parking at DEN is around $150 per day, making long-term parking a brilliant and affordable option for many travelers. Overall, the Denver airport’s long-term parking prices are reasonable and affordable.

Depending on the length of your trip and how far you live from DEN, it may even be cheaper than calling a carshare ride! The cost of your long-term parking reservation will depend on what long-term lot you choose.

You can easily compare lot prices on, which shows you the most affordable rates and available parking spaces.

How to Find the Best Deals on Denver Airport Parking

Because there are so many Denver airport parking long-term lots to choose from, it’s tough to know if you are paying the lowest price available. Luckily, sites like can help you compare deals and choose the best parking reservation for your trip.

Try to book your reservation as far ahead as possible, as the prices will be lower and there will be more availability. During the holidays and other peak travel times, the DEN long-term lots can fill up fast!

What to Consider When Choosing Your Denver Airport Parking Spot?

Prices can go up when you choose certain parking spaces, such as covered versus uncovered spots. For example, if you’re traveling for Christmas and snow is predicted, you may want to opt for a covered parking spot.

There is also garage parking available, but this is more expensive. However, a garage spot can offer more peace of mind, keeping your car safer from the elements, especially if you’ll be gone for weeks or months.

You can explore the pricing and spot options on to see what fits your budget and needs.