How to Park at FAT for Cheap This Labor Day 2022

This summer, Fresno Airport anticipates a boom in travel. As the world moves onto a new phase of acceptance after the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are back and ready to travel. Each year, Fresno Airport has seen an increase in the number of passengers served each year. Recently, they’ve achieved a record number of passengers served in one year at 1.96 million (in 2019). In 2022, this number is expected to be even higher.

Traveling on any day of the year can become stressful, especially in crowded airports. From getting through security to airline baggage check lines, flying involves many time-consuming steps. For domestic flights, FAT recommends that travelers arrive at least two hours in advance of the scheduled departure time. For international flights, FAT recommends travelers arrive 3 hours in advance of the departure time. This allows for enough time to get through busy lines, customs, and more.

When traveling near or on a holiday or holiday weekend, you’ll need to leave even more time for every step in the process. From the time you arrive and park at FAT to the time you board your plane, high volumes of travelers can make things take even longer. The Friday before Labor Day is one of the busiest days at airports throughout the United States.

As you make travel arrangements for this Labor Day, start with researching parking for your FAT flight. By preparing in advance, you’ll know exactly what to expect as you search for parking at Fresno airport.

Fresno Airport Parking: What to Know

The first thing to do to prepare for your Labor Day flight is to get familiar with FAT parking. FAT offers four different parking locations throughout their 1,728 acres of airport property. Below are the options that FAT travelers have to choose from for parking at Fresno airport:

  • Closest to the Terminal: The parking garage costs $14 per day (flat rate). This parking garage features covered parking that is located directly across the street from the airport terminal. This lot is also handicap accessible.
  • Parking Lots 2 and 3: These two parking locations also cost a flat rate of $14 per day. They’re also located across the street from the airport terminal. These locations offer EV charging options, handicap-accessible parking, and the ability to pay with either cash or credit cards.
  • Economy Parking: The economy parking lot is located to the east of the airport terminal. This is the smallest parking lot offered by Fresno airport. On some busy travel days, such as Labor Day, this lot may fill up. The economy parking lot costs $8 per day. Ideally, travelers looking to save money should aim to park here, if it is available.

Fresno Airport does not offer the ability for travelers to reserve their parking space online in advance. This means that you’ll want to be prepared with a “plan B” if your intended parking location has been filled.

Reserving Affordable Parking

Why park at Fresno Airport this Labor Day when you can save money, time, and stress with One Stop Parking? One Stop Parking offers the cheapest Fresno airport parking of any on or off-site location. Here’s why you should park at FAT for cheap this Labor Day 2022:

  • Reserve your space online in advance and pre-pay. You won’t need to worry about searching crowded airport parking lots looking for a space. You’re guaranteed a reserved space with One Stop Parking.
  • Save money on daily parking rates. One Stop Parking offers FAT parking at either $3.95 or $7.95 per day, both of which are cheaper than Fresno airport parking.
  • Friendly customer service help with any of your parking questions or concerns
  • Options for free airport shuttle service or even walking distance options
  • Less-frequented, safer parking lots that help protect your vehicle from theft and damage
  • Remember where you parked when you return from your Labor Day trip
  • Earn rewards with the One Stop Parking rewards program to use for future airport trips
  • Safe, clean, and well-lit parking spaces 

These are just a few of the many reasons many travelers choose One Stop Parking for parking at Fresno Airport. However, don’t take our word for it! Check out the pages for each of our FAT parking locations to learn first-hand about our past customer’s experiences using One Stop Parking.

Best FAT Parking Options with One Stop Parking

Parking at the Wyndham Garden (FAT) costs only $3.95 per day. Located only half a mile from the airport terminal, you won’t even need a free airport shuttle to take you to the terminal. In just five minutes, use the crosswalk to access the airport. The cheapest option for FAT parking is $8 per day in the economy lot, which is located farther away than the Wyndham Garden. Therefore, why not park at the Wyndham Garden lot for half of the daily rate?

In addition, the economy lot ($8 per day) often fills up at the Fresno Airport. You’re guaranteed to get a reserved spot at the Wyndham Garden. Plus, your car is far less likely to be damaged or stolen in this safe parking location!

Another option for FAT parking is parking at the Best Western (FAT). Located only a mile from the airport, the free shuttle ride takes under five minutes. The shuttle runs 24/7/265, any day of the year including during busy travel days such as Labor Day weekend. At $7.95 per day, the price is just about the same as the economy lot at FAT, however, it is far less crowded. 

Have questions or concerns? Our friendly One Stop Parking team is here to help. Contact us today!