Montreal Trudeau Airport Parking Guide

Montreal Trudeau Airport Parking

Montreal Trudeau Airport, a bustling gateway connecting travelers to various destinations, offers a diverse range of parking options to cater to the varied needs of its passengers. Navigating through the Trudeau Airport parking facilities provides an opportunity to tailor your parking experience to match your preferences, whether it’s the convenience of proximity, the added protection of covered spaces, or the luxury of valet service.

Montreal Trudeau Airport Parking: On-Site Options

Here is a simple overview of what you can expect from YUL parking options:

EconoParc P5

EconoParc P5, strategically located near the terminal, is a budget-friendly choice for travelers. At $17 per day (approximately $13 USD), it strikes a balance between affordability and convenience, making it an attractive option for those looking to manage costs without sacrificing accessibility.

ProxiParc P6

ProxiParc P6, offering covered parking adjacent to the terminal, provides an additional layer of protection for vehicles. Priced at $23 per day (approximately $18 USD), this option appeals to those who prioritize sheltered spaces, ensuring their vehicles remain shielded from the elements.

Multi-Level P7

Multi-Level P7, a parking garage situated on-site, is designed for those who value quick and efficient access to the terminal. Priced at $28 per day (approximately $22 USD), it offers a seamless parking experience with the added convenience of being in close proximity to the departure gates.


ValetParc stands out as the epitome of convenience, providing a valet service with curbside drop-off and pick-up. Priced at $40 per day (approximately $32 USD), this premium service caters to travelers seeking a stress-free parking experience, allowing them to focus on the excitement of their journey.

Short-Term Parking P1/P2

Short-Term Parking P1/P2, situated closest to the terminal, is tailored for brief stays. The tiered pricing structure, starting at $6 for the first 20 minutes and increasing incrementally, accommodates short visits, drop-offs, and pick-ups, providing a flexible solution for various travel scenarios.

On-site parking at Montreal Trudeau Airport not only addresses the practical aspects of parking but also aims to enhance the overall travel experience. The array of options available ensures that passengers can select the parking solution that aligns with their priorities and preferences.

Montreal Trudeau Airport Parking: Off-Site Options

Here are the cost-effective alternative off-site parking solutions at YUL. Booking your parking spot at these facilities has never been easier thanks to OneStopParking.

Prestige Auto-Parc

The most inexpensive off-site parking at Montreal Trudeau Airport is Prestige Auto-Parc, a parking lot only 2.9 km from the airport. Normal vehicles can park at CAN$10.95 per day and large vehicles pay CAN$19.95 per day. This fenced lot even offers a car wash service at extra cost, but an on-demand shuttle service is included in the price.

Baymont Inn

The Baymont Inn is only 5.5 km from the airport and offers a competitive rate of CAN$13.99 per day for all sized vehicles. Although they do not offer a shuttle service, you can easily catch a cab from the hotel and its proximity to the airport ensures you won’t be paying a pretty penny.

Travelodge Hotel

Montreal Airport’s Travelodge is part of the dependable chain of hotels and offers convenient wheelchair-friendly parking. You can park at a rate of CAN$15 per day and large vehicles can simply pay for each extra space they occupy. They offer a shuttle service every 30 minutes, around the clock. For extra security, you will rent a wheel lock from the hotel to keep your car safe.

Montreal Trudeau Airport’s on-site parking facilities present a comprehensive range of choices, ensuring that each traveler can find a parking solution that aligns with their unique requirements. As you plan your journey, consider the various options available to make the most of your time at this dynamic international airport.

Happy travels!