Reliable Airport Parking Tips

Off-site airport parking facilities come in handy when traveling. They allow people to access the airport terminal easily. You can park your vehicle anytime without relying on a third party, and you’ll find it safe after flying back.
However, airport parking comes with its share of challenges. For instance, parking fees are expensive, and there’s no guarantee that your car will be safe. Other times, like during holidays when so many people are traveling, it may become difficult to find available parking spots.
To avoid such challenges, you need to be well-informed and take extra measures. Here are some tips you can follow for reliable airport parking:

Book Early

Once you decide on the facility to use for your airport parking, you need to ensure you book early. Booking early helps you avoid some challenges, such as congestion.
Booking early can also save you money. This is because airport parking lot prices fluctuate according to season and time. The last-minute rates are higher because the parking operators take advantage of your desperate moments of beating time and missing flights.
Booking early also gives you the chance to check for discounts and coupons that will save you money in the long run. So always try to avoid last minute bookings if you want to be on the safe side both financially and time wise.

Choose the Parking Lot Wisely

Not every airport parking company that promises to deliver the best services offers that. If you don’t choose your airport parking wisely, you might end up with a lot of frustrations, which you don’t want to experience during your travel.
Go for on-airport parking if you travel with your family and have lots of luggage. You should also choose this category if you need more time. On-airport parking is near the terminal and is convenient for those who want short walks to the terminal.
However, if you don’t want any stress about parking spaces, opt for meet-and-greet parking. Here, a driver meets you at the terminal and takes your vehicle to the parking lot, which is ideal for nervous travelers.
The park-and-ride option is suitable for drivers who can use a shuttle bus to the terminal. It’s a cheap airport parking option with low overhead, but it can be time-consuming and inconvenient if you don’t plan well.

Be Time Conscious

If you choose the meet-and-greet option for your airport parking, ensure you still have enough time to walk to the airport. If you opt for off-site parking, make sure you’re strict with timing because they’re mostly far from the airport.
You can ask how long it will take to get to the airport using the park-and-ride option. Also, inquire about traffic build-up and the courtesy bus schedule to avoid frustrations. Go to the airport earlier to avoid missing your flight.

Compare Prices

Before booking your airport parking, compare prices on different airport parking websites to get the best deal. Comparing prices helps you get cheap airport parking if you’re on a budget. It’s best to compare parking prices at different times of the day to enable you to choose what suits your budget.
If you choose reliable off-site parking like, you can get the best parking rates with no hidden charges. also offers free cancellation for all reservations, which offers you much-needed convenience.

Book a Secure Parking Space

You should also book your car at a secure parking facility like With such a facility, you can find your vehicle safely in the right space.
You won’t return to hear horror stories from operators that don’t take good care of cars parked at the facility. You need peace of mind when traveling, and that’s only possible if you’re sure that your hand is in safe hands.

Opt for Off-Site Parking

If you’re looking for cheap airport parking, choose an off-site parking lot. Such parking spaces are relatively inexpensive, unlike the ones closer to the terminal building. If you’re worried about the distance, most off-site parking lots are close to the airport.
Off-site parking spaces charge three times less than airport parking rates. So you will save on costs at the expense of the distance to the airport. However, you also won’t have to worry about the distance if you choose because they offer shuttle services to ferry their clients to the airport.

Book a Lounge

If you opt for an off-site airport parking lot and have to arrive some hours before your boarding time, consider booking a lounge. You can eat, charge your phone, or shower in the lounge. Your waiting hours will be worthwhile in the lounge, as you’ll be stress-free and comfortable in a peaceful area.
You may also get security fast-track passes if you book a lounge. But this depends on the facility you work with. A waiting lounge is also ideal for those traveling on an early flight and don’t want inconveniences.

Install Parking App

Various off-site parking facilities have parking apps you can install on your phone. Use the app to know the suitable facility to leave your vehicle while traveling. The apps save time as everything about the facility is readily available there.
You can use the app to check prices on different days and decide the best time to book. Download the right app that leads you to your preferred off-airport parking location.

Opt for Flexible Parking Lots

When looking for a reliable parking space, remember to check how flexible the facility is. A flexible facility should have a free cancellation policy. Some parking lots allow for cancellations up to two hours before the travel time.
But most of them have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Check on the cancellation policy of the parking lot through their website or social media pages.
A flexible parking facility should also allow you to change your reservation without extra charges after your airline cancels your trip.

Bottom Line

Airport parking seems like a no-brainer, but it can be a big deal if you don’t carry out the due diligence. So, whenever you’re traveling and planning to leave your car behind, consider all these airport parking tips.
Remember simple things such as choosing a suitable parking option, booking early, and being on time to save on costs. Remember to select flexible and reliable off-site parking like to leave your car either for long-term or short term parking.