Save Big on Louisville Airport Parking This Labor Day

Last Labor Day (2021), travelers flying out of Muhammad Ali International Airport throughout the holiday weekend experienced extra-long wait times. TSA opened additional security lines to keep crowds moving, but travelers still reported longer than normal wait times. Like many airports, Labor Day weekend draws extra crowds as people say their final hurrah to summer.

If you’re traveling this Labor Day weekend, be prepared for even larger crowds at SDF. Not only should you leave extra time for you and your travel group to get through security, but you can also expect parking to be a nightmare too. Parking at busy airports on any day can be stressful if you’re not properly prepared. On Labor Day weekend, certain SDF parking lots could be full too.

Parking near Louisville Airport

Worried about parking lots filling up at SDF? Check the status of each parking lot online at SDF’s website. Travelers can also call the toll-free number to check on the status of each parking lot. Or, if you prefer, you can use the online reservation system to reserve the airport parking Louisville Kentucky has to offer.

If you’re looking to save big this Labor Day, parking at Muhammad Ali International Airport might not be your answer. While the airport does offer many convenient parking lots throughout their property, they come at a premium. When you park on-site at Louisville airport, you can expect the daily parking rates to be much higher than you’d pay by parking near Louisville airport at a third-party parking lot.

Below, we’ll provide a brief overview of Louisville Airport parking prices. It’s a good idea to get familiar with the pricing for SDF parking to understand why parking off-site is critical to saving big on Louisville Airport parking this Labor Day.

Louisville Airport Parking Rates

Louisville Muhammad International Airport is a fairly large airport in Kentucky, serving millions of passengers each year. The airport spans 1,500 acres and offers six different on-site parking locations. Each of these locations is either to the east or west of the main airport terminals. Of course, the closer you get to the airport terminal, you can expect the parking rates to increase.

The most economical way to park on-site at SDF is in their economy express shuttle lot. This parking lot is located the to the east of the airport terminal. As its name suggests, it is too far to walk from the express economy lot to the terminals. Therefore, passengers will need to use the free airport shuttle to take them (and their luggage!) over to the airport terminal. Parking here will cost you $8.00 per day. However, it should be noted that this parking lot experiences frequent closures. Currently, this lot indicates that it is temporarily closed.

If the economy express shuttle lot is not available, saving big on Louisville Airport parking becomes a bit more difficult. The next cheapest option on-site is the surface parking lot, which costs $10.00 per day. The surface parking lot is one of the largest available at SDF, which is both good and bad. You’re more likely to be able to find a space here, however, you’ll need to leave lots of time to navigate through rows and rows of airport parking.

Should the surface parking lot not be available, either the Premier East Lot or Premier West Lot is your next best bet. Both of these surface parking lots are the same, on each side of the terminal. Parking here will cost you $12.00 per day.

SDF Airport does offer additional parking options than the four lots mentioned above, however, they’re upwards of $16 per day. If you’re looking to save big on Louisville airport parking this Labor Day, these are not options worth considering.

Park for Less Than $8.00 Per Day

Looking to save as much money as possible this Labor Day? Beat the price of Louisville’s express shuttle parking lot with parking options that will cost less than $8.00 per day. One Stop Parking offers four safe locations for parking near Louisville airport, all under $8.00 per day.

For example, parking at the Holiday Inn Express SDF is the perfect option to save both money and time. For $3.95 per day, you’ll maximize your savings, spending less than 50% of what you’d spend parking at SDF. Not to mention, the process is designed to save you time too. Simply enter your trip dates online and select the “book now” button. You’ll then pre-pay for your parking space in advance, ensuring a spot will be waiting for you (reserved) on the day of your travel. In turn, you won’t need to worry about crowded or already-full SDF parking lots.

At One Stop Parking, we often hear the same question from concerned travelers. We know you’re worried about how you’ll get to the airport if you park off-site at a nearby hotel through One Stop Parking. The great news is that we’ve got you covered! Each of our locations for parking near Louisville Airport offers a shuttle transportation service. You’ll board the shuttle right from the hotel parking lot which will take you to the airport terminal. Even better, you can count on the free shuttle for return service back to your vehicle on the day you return.

Tips to Find the Best One Stop Parking Location

As you sift through the many affordable options for SDF parking by One Stop Parking, be sure to pay attention to the specific details of each parking lot. Some shuttles may have differing operating hours, which you will want to make sure align with your flight departure and arrival times. In addition, some locations may offer valet services or handicap-accessible parking.
You can find all of this information by visiting the location-specific page for each hotel nearby to SDF. Here, you can view the entire list of affordable parking near Lousiville airport to help you save big on Louisville Airport parking this Labor Day weekend.