Top 3 Orlando Airport Parking Hotels with Shuttle Service

Parking at airports is not an easy feat, and there are many reasons for this. First, most international airports are extremely busy, especially during the holidays. The more people using an airport, the greater the demand for long-term parking. Not everyone has the luxury of having someone else drop them off at the airport, and plenty of people want the autonomy of having a vehicle on-site during their travels!

Orlando is no exception. It’s a busy tourist destination, especially with the pandemic finally on the downswing and tourists itching to go to their favorite destinations! Thankfully, we’ve done some of the heavy liftings for you by hunting down some great deals. But before we get into the top 3 Orlando Airport Parking Hotels with shuttle service, let’s outline some background information about the airport.

Orlando International Airport: A Briefing

Orlando International Airport is a large airport for the public that is located just outside of Downtown Orlando, Florida. It services approximately 20 million passengers a year, which makes it the busiest airport in Florida and one of the ten busiest in the country! The code for the airport, MCO, is based on the airport’s original name: McCoy Air Force Base. Pretty neat, huh?

MCO is a major hub for Silver Airways, JetBlue, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and even Frontier Airlines! Southwest is perhaps the most frequent operator of MCO. Delta Airlines utilized the airport heavily until around 2007. The airport is a major hub in the southeastern United States, and due to its proximity to major tourism sites like Disney World, Universal Studios, Cape Canaveral, and more, MCO is sure to remain a hotspot for years to come! MCO is also one of the largest airports by size; its runways and terminals are sprawled out across a whopping 12,600 acres (5,100 ha)!

Large airports like this are sure to have a lot of parking, right? Yes, but it doesn’t come cheap. Airports, especially those this size, need money to support their infrastructure and compensate their sizable workforces. Part of that money comes in the form of parking fees. Moreover, busy airports like MCO are often crowded, making it difficult to find parking in a timely (or cost-effective) manner. That’s why having a third party can help streamline the process, especially since most offsite parking options are only a few miles away from the terminal and have free shuttles available.

Parking at Orlando International Airport

Parking at MCO and nearby lots starts at 10 dollars a day and can reach up to 45 dollars a day, depending on your choice of lot and proximity to the airport. One Stop Parking can set you up with some great deals. It offers affordable and convenient solutions to MCO, LAX, and many other airports due to its highly robust search engine and emphasis on setting you up with atypical parking solutions, such as hotels. The added convenience of parking at a hotel cannot be understated: after returning to your car from a long stay, you may be tempted to crash for the night. Convenience is key, and having a hotel on standby could be just what the doctor ordered!

Furthermore, booking with One Stop Parking means that you can often select a valet option for a small fee (sometimes as little as an extra dollar per day)! The site will give you the first-class treatment you desire, regardless of whether or not you’re parking onsite or through one of the privately owned offsite locations. Either way, you’ll be sure to get to your destination fast thanks to free shuttle services.

Top 3 Orlando Airport Parking Hotels with Shuttle Service

Using One Stop Parking’s search functions, as well as a simple web search, we were able to pinpoint what we believe to be the top 3 options for Orlando airport parking. All of these options feature Orlando airport shuttles to get you to your destination super quickly! And what’s great is that these are all well-reviewed hotels in their own right – why just park here when you can spend part of your trip here as well?

1. Marriott Orlando Airport Lakeside

Located just one mile from MCO, the Marriott Orlando Airport Lakeside is rated 4 stars on TripAdvisor and has a variety of amenities ranging from fitness services to casual dining to WiFi options! It’s located 12 miles from SeaWorld and 21 miles from Disney, making it a viable option for tourists in the area. Find out more information about Marriott Orlando Airport Lakeside here.

2. Hilton Garden Inn Orlando Airport

Featuring an excellent bar and restaurant, as well as plenty of room amenities such as microwaves and coffeemakers, the Hilton Garden Inn Orlando Airport hotel is another great option for travelers and is more than just a great parking solution. Find out more information about Hilton Garden Inn Orlando Airport here.

3. Fairfield Inn Orlando Airport

This hotel has all of the high-end bells and whistles you’ve come to expect, while also including a cardio-focused fitness center and a beautiful pool. This hotel is particularly well received by couples. Find out more information about Fairfield Inn Orlando Airport here.

All three of these options are highly well-received hotels in their own right, while also being located less than 2 miles from MCO and offering the free Orlando airport shuttles that we’ve previously mentioned.

In conclusion, when it comes to Orlando airport parking, you have a ton of options at your disposal. We’ve just barely scratched the surface by offering 3 great options for parking that can serve as more than just a place to plant your vehicle for a few days. You may be pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable your stay will be at these locations!

And, as always, if these locations don’t tickle your fancy, you can use One Stop Parking’s search function to drill down and find an option that better suits your needs. We hope you enjoy your stay in the Orlando area!