What is the Cheapest Dallas Airport Parking

When it comes to parking at an airport, make no mistake about it: your on-site options are limited. Thankfully, there are many resources available that can point you in the right direction. You may have to consider off-site parking places such as hotels or garages near the terminals, but you’ll save money and can travel to the airport easily via shuttle. Sometimes you may not even have a choice in the matter, especially during the busy season or if an airport has limited parking on site.

Today we are going to help you find the best deals for Dallas airport parking. Parking at Dallas Airport doesn’t have to feel like a chore (or a bore!), especially if you use a robust search function like the one provided on One Stop Parking. But more on that later: Let’s give you the scoop on the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport!

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport: An Overview

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (also known as DFW) is the main international airport for the Dallas and Fort Worth area in the northern portions of Texas. It is one of the busiest airports on the planet, servicing more than 60 million flyers every year! Much of the air traffic going through DFW is relegated to the national level, but it’s still one of the largest international airports as well! It also serves as the main hub for American Airlines.

It’s one of the largest airports in the USA, spanning 17,207 acres (6,963 hectares or 27 square miles) and even having its own ZIP code! Located midway between the large cities of Dallas and Fort Worth—and less than 30 miles from each city—this airport services one of the most populated areas in the USA outside of the east coast. It’s one of the few airports in the world that services more than 200 destinations as well, many of which are international.

The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is nicely maintained due to its popularity, featuring impeccably designed terminals and well-landscaped grounds.

No matter how you slice it, it’s easy to see why parking can be such a challenge at this highly busy location! That’s where we come in.

Parking at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas airport parking doesn’t have to be too daunting. Just remember that parking at the Dallas airport comes with a wide assortment of options. DFW offers an Express Lot (for your short-term needs) and Terminal Parking (for longer stays). Other on-site options are closed as of this writing, further limiting your options near the terminal.

Parking at DFW can cost as little as 2 dollars for a short-term stay in the Express Lot and as much as 22 dollars per day. Furthermore, a single day of valet parking can reach a whopping 31 dollars! This is quite a bite out of your wallet. Off-site options are typically cheaper, and most come with a free shuttle service to the DFW terminals.

For those who are just picking someone up from the airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport does offer two free “cellphone lots” for temporary stays of up to two hours. Anything longer, and you’ll need to park properly.

It should be obvious by now that you’ll probably have to explore off-site parking options unless you book months in advance. And, even then, the rates, as shown above, as rather high! You can save a lot of money by exploring the parking options on One Stop Parking.

The Cheapest Deals for Dallas Airport Parking

In this section, we’ll perform a sample search on One Stop Parking and find some particularly cheap deals for Dallas airport parking. Some of these options are hotels, so we’ll go over some basic information about their services in case you’re looking to crash for the night. Let’s begin!

3. Cheap and close

Clarion Inn and Suites at Irving, Texas. Rated 4.1/5 by One Stop Parking users, Clarion Inn and Suites offers parking rates for as little as $4.50/day! It’ll be hard to find affordable parking like this. Shuttles run all day, every day, at approximately 40-minute intervals. The inn itself is a 2-star affair, offering a reasonable number of amenities should you choose to rest more than just your vehicle here. You can book parking or learn more information about Clarion Inn and Suites here.

2. Cheap and well-reviewed

JoyPark Airport Parking. At only $4.95/day, JoyPark Airport Parking is easy on the wallet. While farther away from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport than the other options, it’s still only a 4-mile trek. Shuttles are highly frequent and operate every 15 minutes. Its review scores are also strong at 4.4/5. You can book parking or learn more information about JoyPark Airport Parking here.

1. Cheap, close, AND well reviewed

Red Roof Inn. This could very well be the perfect balance of affordability, proximity, and quality. Reviewed at 4.4/5 and offering a rate of $4.75/day, the Red Roof Inn aims to please beyond just its parking services. It’s also a 2-star hotel like Clarion; it offers affordable rooms and amenities, especially for those on a business trip. You can book parking or learn more information about JoyPark Airport Parking here.

Conclusion: Your Options are Numerous!

As you can see, there are a ton of cheap parking options in the DFW area, especially compared to some of the other major airports we’ve covered on the site. You should have no problem finding a cheap alternative with the help of One Stop Parking!

As always, One Stop Parking strives to offer a first-class experience to everyone who books. Valet services can be added to most bookings for as little as a dollar a day, and many booking options offer free shuttle services to the airport.

One Stop Parking is guaranteed to offer the lowest prices on the Internet, or they will match the competitor’s rate. Users can purchase Trip Protection for a small fee as well.

When it comes to parking at the Dallas airport, you can’t go wrong with these deals!