William P. Hobby Airport Parking Guide

William P. Hobby Airport Parking

 Whether you are preparing to leave for a business trip or a visit to the family for the holidays, there’s the dreadful expensive parking awaiting you when you get to the airport. William P. Hobby Airport parking is no exception.

However, the good news is that there are several hacks to avoid these exorbitant fees. In this guide, we have compiled some tips that will help you pay less for William P. Hobby Airport parking, together with some of the benefits of pre-booking airport parking. Buckle up and let’s take off!

About HOU Airport

William P. Hobby Airport, popularly known as HOU is an international airport in Houston, Texas. Hobby is Houston’s oldest commercial airport and was for the longest time its main airport until George Bush Intercontinental Airport (previously Houston Intercontinental Airport) was opened in 1969.

Hobby became a secondary airport for domestic airline services and a regional center for corporate and private aviation. The airport covers 1,304 acres (528 ha) with four runways, and it houses the 1940 Air Terminal Museum. Hobby is owned by the city of Houston and operated by Houston Airport System.

Houston Hobby offers numerous parking options – including short and long-term parking. Although reservations are not required for parking at HOU, you can prepay for parking online through the airport’s website. You might save some money for certain locations and travel dates by prior booking a parking space.

William P. Hobby Airport parking: on-Site Options

On-site parking at Hobby can be done at the airport’s Red parking garage, located directly across the street from the airport terminal. You can have valet parking services at the Red Garage, and this will cost you $28 each day. Alternatively, you can self-park at the Red Garage and the rate drops to $24 per day.

You can also park your vehicle at the airport’s Blue parking garage, located directly to the west of the Red garage. Parking services here are $24 per day, and there are no valet services offered. In essence, self-parking at HOU’s Red or Blue garage is the same and it is ultimately about the availability of parking space at the time of your travel. Both are within walking distance of the terminal and offer EV charging stations, handicap parking, and an automatic parking guidance system to aid your parking.

For long-term parking at Houston Hobby, the EcoPark is a preferred economy parking lot due to the price savings. The parking rate at HOU EcoPark is $9.24 for each day (plus tax). However, keep in mind that the EcoPark is located quite a distance from the airport terminals, so you’ll need to take a shuttle. Shuttle services run from 5:30 AM to midnight daily. The EcoPark lot is often packed or nearly full during peak travel times.

How to save money on William P. Hobby Airport parking

Airport parking doesn’t have to be a pocket-denting experience. Here are a couple of tips to save some money on your William P. Hobby Airport parking.

Alternative Parking at HOU

One of the best money-saving options for HOU parking is to consider off-site parking through platforms like OneStopParking.com. Off-airport parking lots with shuttle services to and from the airport terminal are a highly convenient option when traveling on a budget.

At HOU, one of the most popular off-site parking options is Marriott Houston Hobby. The hotel is located 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from the airport and is a highly rated premium location with a regular shuttle to and from the airport.

The parking rates are $3.25 per day, which is a fraction of even the cheapest on-site option at HOU. You also benefit from a free shuttle ride to and from the airport terminal at regular intervals. For convenience, you can get valet parking by adding just $1 extra per day.

Plan and Book Your Parking in Advance

Another fantastic way to avoid the stress of airport parking is to make bookings. This way you get to secure a parking spot and have absolute peace of mind without the stress and scramble last minute. Most airports have invested in creating an online presence recently, and travelers should utilize these tools. This is also where services like OnesStopParking.com come in handy, allowing you to reserve parking spots and save money.

OneStopParking.com offers several options that suit all budgets and needs. The next time you plan on taking a trip, try them out and enjoy the convenience of prior booking.

*These prices were correct as of 20 October 2023 and are subject to change.