The 10 Busiest Airports During Holidays

busiest airports

Transportation has always been more difficult during the holiday season, most notably over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Airports, in particular, tend to be packed all throughout the holiday season with families flying out to different states to see one another. Some airports are busier than others, though. The following airports are the top 10 projected busiest airports for the upcoming season.


Busiest Airports During the Holidays

1. San Francisco Airport

The San Francisco Airport has always been one of the busiest airports in the country—and for good reason. Its warmer climate attracts tourists from all over the nation who are looking for a warm reprieve during the cold winter months.

2. Las Vegas Airport

The Las Vegas Airport is, of course, on the top 10 list of the busiest airport throughout the holidays since many people like to vacation here over the holidays. What better way to vacation than by hitting the slots and entertainment in Vegas?

3. LAX

The LAX Airport has always been notorious for being overly crowded, but it is even more so throughout the holiday season. L.A. is one of the most popular destinations in the world, so it makes sense that it would be featured on this list.

4. Denver Airport

Naturally, the Denver Airport is one of the busiest ones during the holidays since those who are seeking a traditional, snowy white Christmas flock to the Rocky Mountains for skiing and other winter activities.

5. DFW Airport

The DFW Airport is extremely busy during the holiday season since it leads to southern Texas and Mexico. For those looking to escape the nation over the holidays, the DFW Airport provides the appropriate channels.

6. Chicago O’Hare Airport

Of course, the Chicago O’Hare Airport is always busy, but especially so over the holidays when family members are flying in and out of the city to visit their loved ones.

7. Atlanta Airport

The Atlanta Airport is also busy since it is the hub leading to the South. Snowbirds flying south for the winter usually end up going through the Atlanta Airport.

8. JFK

It should come as no surprise that the JFK Airport is also one of the busiest ones over the holiday season since New York is a prime holiday destination for many. Not only that, but there are also plenty of New York residents flocking to the airport to fly out of the city for the holidays.

9. La Guardia Airport

Because La Guardia Airport is another major airport within New York, it makes sense that it is featured on this list. It is located in the borough of Queens, so those visiting the city might fly in there.

10. Charlotte Douglas Airport

The Charlotte Douglas Airport is also, understandably, busy over the holiday season when common civilians and military service people are filling its ranks to return home to their families.

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