Top 5 Tips For Flying With Kids During Holidays

flying with kids

Flying with kids isn’t the easiest task in the world and whether you have a large family or just one little one, you need to be prepared for everything and anything once you are in the air. There are several benefits to flying with kids rather than taking a vehicle, especially cross-country over the holiday season. Use these tips to make your trip more enjoyable for your kids and more manageable for yourself.


Tips for Flying with Kids

1. Know the Airport

The airport you will depart from can and should be studied in advance. When flying as a family, you are going to want to park your car and get in to find your seats as quickly as possible. Read about parking procedures, luggage checks and boarding in advance so that you can better prepare for traveling with kids. In many cases, parents find solutions to be optimal with minimal walking, customer care and low costs. Off-site airport parking means that your parking spot is waiting for you and you don’t have to circle terminal parking looking for a solution.

2. Be Prepared for Delays

Delays are very common at airports, especially when winter weather can affect land times or layovers. It is important to think about things to do during a delay. You don’t want bored, cranky children. Try to learn what the airports have to offer in advance. Most commercial airports have a few shops and restaurants. If you get delayed in a small or unknown airport, try having a couple toys on hand. A coloring book and crayons can go a long way during a delay. Pack a couple snacks as well, so you won’t have to rely on restaurants or vending machines. Before leaving to the airport, always check the status of your flights. Sometimes simply googling your flight number will give you results, but there are specialized websites such as and For most of your who are based in the US, the official government website is also a good resource.

3. Pack Sensibly

One thing that causes long delays is luggage that is packed incorrectly or can’t be carried on as expected. Make sure you follow the airline’s weight and size regulations to avoid these delays. Plan on taking a large carry-on filled with activities and snacks. If you do need to check in your baggage, make sure that the size and weight is within normal regulations and tag it in advance. Use a unique luggage tag to help you spot it right away once you land. Remember that you are flying as a family, and each of you can have a carry-on if it is more convenient.

4. Think About Entertainment

Entertainment on the plane is important, especially during a long flight. Not all children can sit quietly with a handheld video game or book for several hours. You should pack an activity kit with low-mess activities that can keep their attention. Paper, coloring books and playing cards can be used during flights fairly easily. Avoid messy activities, such as markers or play-dough. Follow all airline regulations on activities and electronic devices, which can typically be found on the company’s website. In addition, if your child is learning how to walk, you may want to choose an aisle seat as they will most likely want to walk around most of the time.

5. Have a Solid Arrival Plan

Avoid creating more delays when traveling with kids by making all of your arrangements in advance. Know who is going to pick you up and when. Don’t rely on calling a taxi once you land or trying to figure out a bus schedule on a moment’s notice.

With these tips in mind, you should have an easier time travelling with your kids during the busy holiday season.