Everything You Need to Know About Airport Parking and Shuttle Services

In the early days of airports, parking lots were not a very important design consideration. This was the prevailing scenario until the 1950s when paid secured parking lots were first introduced in the United States. With the rapid increase in airport activities, airport designers became inclined toward the inclusion of parking lots and shuttle services. Since then, several design types have emerged.

Classifications may differ according to source, but airport parking can be divided into the following major classes:

On-Site Long-Term Parking

In this kind of airport parking, traveling individuals can park their vehicles at an airport, travel to their destinations, and then come back for their vehicles after the journey.

Off-Site Long-Term Parking

This is a less expensive form of parking that is also meant for those who intend to park their car somewhere and travel. However, parking is not under the airport’s auspices.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Zones

These provide curbside access to an airport’s entrance for no more than a quarter-hour.

Short-Term Parking

Refers to a parking service for drivers who will not spend more than four hours at the airport.

On-Site Car Rental Lots

Here, car rental companies are stationed at airports to rent cars to those who need them.

Cell phone Waiting Lots

Cell phone waiting lots are remote lots that offer low-cost or free parking services to drivers standing by to carry arriving passengers.

What is the Current Situation of Airport Parking Today?

Today, automated number plate recognition is the vogue in airport car parking. This is unlike in the past, when ticketing was the norm. However, despite the several merits of the new model, one advantage of using tickets over automation is that you can easily glance at the ticket to find out the parking location of your vehicle as well as the particular airport courtesy vehicle you’ll be riding to that location.

With the phasing out of ticketing, one way to easily remember the parking location of your vehicle is to make a note of where it is located. You can also capture a photograph of the precise location of your vehicle with your mobile phone. All these measures may sound unnecessary, but they can be very useful if you forget your car’s parking spot on your return.

Do Most Airports Have Shuttle Services?

The first airports mainly earned their profit from fees they charged passengers. But as time went on, problems with security and changes in the economy forced airport operators to find other ways to make money. This led to the opening of other places of business, like parking lots, bars, grocery stores, restaurants, and more. Nowadays, most modern airports have shuttle services as part of their business model.

Do You Have to Schedule a Shuttle Service at Your Airport?

A number of transportation options face you once you are about to depart the airport. You can use your car, a taxi, or a car rental service such as an airport shuttle. Many people eventually settle for a shuttle service for several reasons, such as those mentioned below.

Timeliness and Professionalism

An airport shuttle service is supposed to be run with the utmost professionalism and strict adherence to scheduled times. So if you are time-conscious, be sure to opt for an airport shuttle service to avoid any unnecessary hiccups. However, services can vary according to the company. Some are usually more efficient than others. This means that you have to do a lot of research to learn about the people in the industry.

Cost-Effective and Convenient

With airport shuttle service, you are sure of substantial savings. For one, there will be no need to spend on airport parking, and hiring a taxi can be more expensive. In some instances, you’ll also be assured some privacy and comfort by not sharing a taxi with other passengers.

Insurance Cover

Insurance is one of the most important reasons to select an airport shuttle service. The benefits of working with an insured organization should be obvious. However, it is still vital to inquire about evidence of insurance from the shuttle service before patronage.

How to Find Cheap and Reliable Airport Parking

Whatever the reason you’re traveling, be it for work or pleasure, parking at the airport can be stressful. A good number of travelers would rather drive their vehicles to the airport than wait on car services such as Uber and Lyft. But driving to the airport may not be as smooth as you want. For example, you may have to grapple with locating a parking lot with unoccupied spaces. Another hurdle is affording these often pricey and overcrowded parking lots.

A very optimal way of overcoming all these parking hassles is by using One Stop Parking. At One Stop Parking, you’re guaranteed affordable Fresno airport parking that helps you escape every stress associated with airport parking lots.

More importantly, opting for an off-site hotel parking lot like One Stop Parking is an effective way of saving all that cash you would have wasted on excessive daily parking charges. Book your shuttle service at One Stop Parking today to enjoy absolute comfort at no extra cost!

How Does it Work?

  • As soon as you make your reservation online, you’ll receive an email of your itinerary, including the full address, telephone number, and driving directions to the facility.
  • Proceed to present your confirmation to the front desk or parking attendant and board the complimentary shuttle to your airport or seaport terminal (it is recommended that you print the reservation and bring it while coming)
  • When you come back from your journey, call the location and request to be picked up at your terminal and One Stop Parking will send the shuttle to pick you up and drive you to where your vehicle is parked (the number to call is part of the itinerary emailed to you after making your reservation)
  • At the location, no further protocol is required. All you need to do is enter your vehicle and zoom away