The Guide to Affordable Fresno Airport Parking That’s Convenient

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, parking at the airport is always a hassle. Many people prefer to drive their car to the airport, rather than waiting on Uber, Lyft, or other car services. However, driving your car to the airport comes with its hurdles. First, you’ll need to find a parking lot with available spaces remaining. Not only are these parking lots often overpriced, but they’re often crowded.

Avoiding these parking hassles is possible when you use One Stop Parking offers affordable Fresno airport parking that helps you avoid many of these stressful airport parking inconveniences. Most importantly, using an off-site hotel parking lot helps you save a ton of money on daily parking rates.

What does it cost to park at Fresno Airport?

Fresno airport offers only one economy parking lot, located on the east side of the airport terminal. Like many airports, economy long-term parking lots are simply inconvenient. While they offer the attractive benefit of saving money, they’re usually located several miles away from the airport terminal. This also means you will need to arrive earlier at the parking location to allow enough time to walk to the airport terminal. This parking lot costs $8 per day and is only available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Other parking lots at Fresno Yosemite International Airport each cost $14 per day. If the economy lot is full when you arrive, you’ll need to park in one of these daily lots.

More Convenient Fresno Airport Parking

If parking at Fresno Airport sounds like a nightmare for you, choose a more convenient, stress-free option. Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit and browse through affordable options for FAT parking. You’ll find the cheapest rates for Fresno airport long-term parking. Read through customer reviews, parking lot location and information, and shuttle service details. Once you’ve found a parking lot that meets your travel needs, it’s time to reserve your parking space!
  1. After you’ve identified which parking location you’d like to park at, click “park here” to move to the next step of this simple process. The system will then prompt you to enter your arrival time and date for check-in and a time and date for check-out. Based on the number of days you select, your check-out page will reflect a total parking fee for the entire duration of your FAT parking.
  1. The system will then prompt you to pay online in advance for your parking reservation. You may also give us a call to pay via phone if you prefer. We accept credit and debit cards. Most of our parking locations require that you pay the entire parking fee in advance, however, some locations may require only a deposit. In these circumstances, you will pay the remainder at the lot.
  1. Print your parking confirmation and keep it in a safe place! You’ll need this to show hotel staff when you arrive to confirm your parking reservation. Pick any open parking space and be sure to lock your car. In addition, be sure that no valuables are visible. Then, the hotel staff will confirm your reservation and give you instructions to board the airport shuttle. They will also provide instructions on how to call the airport shuttle for return pick up after your trip.

That’s it! Parking with One Stop Parking is so simple and easy. If you have more questions about how the cheap airport parking process works, check out our frequently asked questions here.

Comparing Options for One Stop Parking at FAT 

Prices for One Stop Parking Fresno airport parking ranges from $3.95 per day to $7.95 per day. Both the Best Western (FAT) and Wyndham Garden (FAT) offer safe, reliable, and secure parking spaces for airport parking. Which you choose will depend on your personal travel needs. Below is a comparison of both Fresno airport parking options to help you determine which will best suit your individual needs.

Distance from Airport: The closest parking location to the airport is the Wyndham Garden hotel, located only 0.5 miles from the airport. The Best Western is still quite close to the airport, though it’s a bit farther than Wyndham Garden (1.0 miles away).

Based on its location directly across the street from the airport, Wyndham Garden does not offer shuttle transportation. There is a walking path/crosswalk to take to get to the airport terminals. You will need to walk with your baggage from the parking lot to the airport. In contrast, Best Western does provide a 24/7 shuttle service to the airport. 

Price: Wyndham Garden costs $3.95 per day of parking, while Best Western costs $7.95 per day of parking.

Overall Rating: Past OneStopParking customers have ranked parking at Wyndham Garden 4.7 out of 5 stars. In comparison, customers have given Best Western an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Both options have received excellent reviews across the board.

Oversized Vehicle Parking: Both locations do not charge any extra fees to park oversized vehicles, such as larger vans or SUV’s.

Which Lot for Parking at Fresno Airport should I choose?

When considering the various categories compared above, travelers who prefer not to walk should select Best Western. If you have small children or persons with limited mobility in your travel party, taking the airport shuttle is ideal. Though you’ll pay a few extra dollars, you’ll still beat Fresno airport parking prices!

For single travelers without any limitations, parking at Wyndham Garden is a suitable option. The 0.5-mile walk is a breeze and you’ll pay only $3.95 a day for safe and reliable Fresno airport parking.