Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking Guide

Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) offers a variety of on-site parking options to accommodate the needs of travelers, whether you’re looking for convenience, budget-friendly options, or premium services. The Fort Lauderdale Airport parking facilities include short-term, long-term, economy parking, and valet services, ensuring that every traveler finds a parking solution that suits their needs. Additionally, for those looking to park and fly in Fort Lauderdale, several off-site parking facilities offer competitive rates with shuttle services to the airport.

How much is Parking at Fort Lauderdale Airport?


Short-term Parking


Located near the terminals, short-term parking near Fort Lauderdale Airport is ideal for those making quick trips to the airport to drop off or pick up passengers. The rate for short-term parking is around $3 per hour, with a maximum daily rate that typically does not exceed $36, making it convenient for brief visits.


Long-term Parking


For travelers going on longer trips, long-term parking offers a cost-effective solution. Situated within the airport premises, these parking areas are either a short walk or a shuttle ride away from the terminals. The typical cost for long-term parking is approximately $15 per day, available in the Palm and Hibiscus Garages, offering a balance between cost and convenience for extended travel.


Economy Parking


Economy parking provides the most affordable on-site parking option at Fort Lauderdale Airport. Located off-site, economy parking lots offer a daily rate of about $10 and include shuttle service to the terminals. This option is best for budget-conscious travelers looking for the lowest priced FLL parking available while still enjoying the convenience of shuttle service to and from the airport.


Valet Parking


For the ultimate convenience, valet parking services allow travelers to drop off their car curbside at the terminals. This premium service is priced around $25 per day and caters to those who prioritize time and convenience over cost. Fort Lauderdale valet airport parking ensures a smooth and swift transition from your car to the check-in counters.


Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking: Off-Site


Park and fly in Fort Lauderdale caters to travelers looking for cost-effective parking solutions outside of the airport premises. These services can easily be booked through OneStopParking and there is a range of price points and services available to suit each need. Parking near Fort Lauderdale Airport has never been easier and these park-and-fly facilities are a popular choice for travelers seeking competitive rates and the convenience of not having to find parking on the busy airport grounds.


Self Park FLL


Self Park FLL presents the most affordable off-site parking solution for travelers using Fort Lauderdale Airport, offering an unbeatable rate of only $3.49 per day. Situated just 0.5 miles from the airport, it provides an exceptional balance of cost-efficiency and convenience. A significant advantage of choosing Self Park FLL is the complimentary shuttle service available 24 hours a day, with shuttles running every 30 minutes and pickups on demand, ensuring timely and efficient transportation to and from the airport.


Unlike many parking facilities that charge extra for larger vehicles, Self Park FLL accommodates full-size vans, pickup trucks, and large SUVs without any additional fees. The parking lot is gated and monitored with cameras on-site, offering travelers peace of mind knowing their vehicles are secure while they travel.


Discount Parking FLL

Discount Parking FLL offers a convenient and budget-friendly parking option for travelers flying out of Fort Lauderdale Airport. Located 2.4 miles from the airport, it provides a competitively priced parking solution at $8.99 per day. The facility is fully wheelchair accessible, ensuring all travelers have easy access to and from the shuttle. Speaking of shuttles, they operate around the clock, departing every 10 minutes to the airport, with pickups on demand to minimize wait times and streamline the travel process.


Like Self Park FLL, Discount Parking does not impose extra charges for larger vehicles such as full-size vans, pickup trucks, and large SUVs, making it an ideal choice for groups or families with more substantial transportation needs. Additionally, the lot is secured with gating and continuous surveillance through cameras on-site, providing added security and peace of mind for travelers while they are away.


Hampton Inn & Suites Ft. Lauderdale Airport


Hampton Inn & Suites Ft. Lauderdale Airport offers a convenient and budget-friendly parking solution for travelers, with a daily rate of just $6.25. Located 2.8 miles from Fort Lauderdale Airport, it provides a secure and accessible option for those looking for off-site parking. The shuttle service operates from 5:30 AM to 11:30 PM, departing every hour on the bottom of the hour, ensuring that travelers can easily reach the airport or return to the hotel after their flights.


The parking area includes wheelchair-accessible spots, catering to the needs of all travelers. With its competitive pricing and the reputable name of Hampton Inn & Suites, this parking option combines the convenience of close proximity to the airport with the assurance of safety and accessibility, making it an attractive choice for those flying out of Fort Lauderdale.


Springhill Suites

SpringHill Suites offers an affordable and convenient parking solution for travelers flying out of Fort Lauderdale Airport, with rates at $7.75 per day. Situated 3.4 miles from the airport, it ensures ease of access while providing a cost-effective alternative to on-site parking. The facility is designed to be inclusive, featuring wheelchair-accessible parking spots to accommodate all travelers.


A notable benefit of choosing SpringHill Suites is the shuttle service, which operates every hour on the hour, with a schedule that caters to a wide range of flight times: from 4:30 AM to 11:30 PM on Sunday through Thursday, and extended hours on Friday and Saturday, from 4:30 AM to 12:45 AM. Additionally, there are no extra charges for parking full-size vans, pickup trucks, and large SUVs, making it a versatile option for groups or families traveling with more substantial vehicles.



*All prices are correct as of 28 February 2024 but are subject to change without prior notice.