Fresno Airport Parking Tips To Make Your Experience Easier

Fresno airport is a joint civil-military airport located about seven miles from downtown Fresno. The airport serves as the main airport for military services and visitors going to three national parks – Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon.

Parking at the Fresno Airport

With over 1.4 million passengers passing through FAT annually, parking at the airport can be quite a hassle, but Onestop Parking can help ease the parking headache. Ideally, it takes about 15-20 minutes to get to the airport from downtown Fresno, so it’s advisable to make parking arrangements before getting to the airport.

The onsite lots offer free parking for the first five minutes. The economy lot is your best option for long-term parking, with daily parking at a maximum of $8. There are also short-term lots near the terminal at $3 per hour with a maximum charge of $14 after the first five hours. These lots offer accessible parking and EV charging stations.

Securing onsite parking can be tricky during peak hours and holidays. You can find a parking lot before your trip, but offsite parking is the most convenient alternative. Use to book available offsite slots for a stress-free flight. The parking facilities include:
● Airport shuttle services
● Round-the-clock lot attendants
● Camera surveillance
● Valet parking at $1 extra
● Covered parking

Where to Park Near Fresno Airport?

If you’re looking for secure, accessible parking near Fresno Airport, we offer the following locations:

Best Western
The parking area is located directly across Fresno Airport. We suggest getting to the airport 2 hours before your flight for your convenience.

Online purchases include free shuttle service to and from the airport, and there are no extra charges for large SUVs, pick-up trucks, and full-size vans. There are various packages to make your stay easier, including secure parking, sanitization measures, and 24 hours on-demand transport.

Wyndham Garden
Wyndham is adjacent to Fresno Airport, offering well-lit parking spaces and 24/7 security. There is a shuttle service to and from the airport, although the service has been suspended due to Covid 19 until further notice.

However, the parking site is within walking distance from the airport, so you should have no trouble getting to your flight on time.

Benefits of One Stop Parking

● Book parking space in advance
● Shuttle services available at many hotel parking lots
● Free return shuttle to your vehicle
● Competitive daily parking fees

We Recommend These Parking Options Near Fresno Airport

Economy Parking Lot

This is the cheapest lot available onsite at Fresno airport. It charges $8 per day and has the smallest parking lots. The lot is located southeast of the terminals, so you will have to walk about 1.3 miles from your car.

Standard Parking Lots

The next cheapest option is the standard lot. These parking areas are divided into:
● Parking lots 1 and 2 accept either cash or credit for parking fees
● Parking 3 only accepts cash. These three parking lots charge $14 per day, and the lots are uncovered
● Garage 1 offers covered parking

Take Advantage of These Great Tips to Make Your Parking Experience Easier

We recommend the following tips to make your Fresno airport parking experience easier:
● Get there early – Going through the airport is stressful enough; multiple stops, baggage checks, and screening can be a total buzzkill. Remove parking from your to-do list by arriving early at the airport and taking a few moments to clear other tasks before your flight. If you wait until the last minute, you may have trouble finding a parking spot and waste even more precious time getting onboard.
● Choose wisely – Airport parking is big business and can get quite expensive, especially during peak hours and holidays. Consider secure and less costly alternatives like offsite parking as you make travel arrangements. This offers extra security and shuttle services to and from the terminal so you can relax while waiting to board.
● Note hidden charges – Hidden charges may not be clear in the fine print, but if you take the time to know what you’re paying for, you might realize many avoidable hidden costs. Extra charges such as access, booking, and credit card costs can also inflate your parking fees.
● Consider accommodation – Most offsite parking facilities are owned and managed by hotels. You can get your accommodation and parking from the same provider if the price is right. This makes it easier to make payments, and you can take advantage of shuttle services right at your doorstep.
● Location – If you don’t mind walking a short distance, try parking near the airport to save money on shuttle services. For example, the Wyndham parking location is less than 20 minutes from Fresno Airport, so you may walk there instead of using a shuttle.