Here’s How to Save Big On ROC Airport Parking

Greater Rochester International Airport is one of New York’s busiest airports (5th busiest in the state). This airport serves approximately 2.4 million passengers per year, traveling both domestically and internationally. On average, there are about 120 flights departing each day.

Many ROC travelers prefer to drive themselves to the airport. Waiting for airport cabs or friends and family to drive you to the airport can be stressful. You’ll have to rely on them to make sure you catch your flight on time. Plus, it can be a hassle if you’re carrying a lot of luggage. If you’d like to park your car at ROC, don’t get stuck overpaying for pricy on-site parking lots. Instead, park off-site at a nearby hotel to ROC. You’ll get the same benefits at a fraction of the cost!

Motel 6 Rochester Airport (ROC)

Make your travel simple and stress-free by parking at Motel 6 Rochester Airport (ROC). Parking here offers travelers amazing benefits when compared to parking on-site at the airport. Of course, you’re likely most concerned about the price! Each day of parking costs only $3.25 at this reliable One Stop Parking location. For that affordable price, you’ll get:

Savings: Spending less on airport parking means more money in your pocket. No one wants to overpay on things such as parking. Instead, save your money on airport parking and spend more at your final destination on the things that matter. For some travelers, this may mean the ability to splurge on a fancy dinner. For others, it may mean more money saved for your next bucket list travel destination.

Guaranteed Spaces: When you park at Motel 6 Rochester Airport, you’re guaranteed an available parking space when you arrive. In contrast, parking at ROC may mean you arrive to find there are no spaces available. In turn, this means you’ll end up having to park in more expensive parking spaces. Reserving your parking space online through One Stop Parking helps to alleviate this travel stressor.

Less Traffic: Busy airport parking lots are known for frantic drivers and tight spaces. When you park at Motel 6 ROC, you’ll get a spacious parking space in a quiet parking lot. Not only does this make parking much easier, but it means you’ll have a decreased likelihood of damage to your vehicle.

Remember Where You’ve Parked: Have you ever returned from a trip only to struggle to find your vehicle in a crowded parking lot? Parking at Motel 6 will make it easier to find your car when you return. Plus, you’ll have less walking around while lugging your heavy luggage!

Dropped Right at the Terminal: Motel 6’s free airport shuttle will drop you (and your luggage) off directly at the terminal. You won’t need to worry about walking with heavy suitcases. In addition, they’ll pick you up when you return to your arrival terminal.

Rewards: Earn points on your airport parking reservation through One Stop Parking’s rewards program. Not only will you save each time you travel, but you’ll earn points to help you save even more in the future.

Costs of Parking at Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport

As you weigh your options for parking at ROC, there are many on-site options available to consider. Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport does not offer the ability to pre-pay or reserve a parking space in advance. Below are some of the options available to ROC travelers:

Red Parking Lot (Economy Shuttle Lot)

The first thing to note is that ROC’s Economy Parking Lot is temporarily closed. This parking lot, titled the Red Parking Lot, is located farthest away from the airport terminal. When it was open and available, the daily parking rate was $7.00 per day. At this time, it is unknown when or if this economy parking lot will return. This parking lot was known as the “shuttle lot” as it required an airport shuttle to bring passengers to the terminal.

On-Airport Shuttle Lot (Yellow Parking Lot)

Since the Red Parking Lot is closed, the next cheapest option for ROC on-site parking is to park in the On-Airport Shuttle Lot. This lot is closer than the red lot, however, it still requires access via the airport shuttle. In addition, parking here costs $1 more than the Red Lot ($8.00 per day of parking). It should be noted that the size of the yellow parking lot is significantly smaller than the Red Lot, which means there may be limited spaces available.

Weekly Parking Lot (Green Parking Lot) and Garage Lot (Orange Lot)

Another long-term parking option at Rochester Airport is the Weekly Parking Lot. This lot costs $12 per day or $76 per week. This lot is within walking distance of the airport terminals and does not require a shuttle service. For the same price, travelers can park on the rooftop of the Orange Lot/Garage Lot.

Travelers who wish to keep their cars covered while away can park on levels 1 or 2 of the garage for covered parking. However, the rate here increases to $16 per day of parking.

Pricier Options at ROC

The cheapest options for on-site parking at ROC are mentioned above. There are, however, more expensive options including hourly parking lots and valet services. These cost at least $24 per day.

When trying to save big on ROC airport parking, these options are not ideal. Parking with One Stop Parking is the best way to save big on ROC airport parking.