How JFK Parking Can Be Found for Less Money

John F. Kennedy Airport is one of New York’s largest major airport hubs serving the North Jersey and New York metropolitan areas. This is in addition to LaGuardia and Newark Airport. Since 1948, this popular airport has serviced millions of passengers each year, both internationally and domestically. 

Serving more than 16 million passengers per year, this busy airport can be challenging to navigate, as well as to find parking. In addition to challenging to navigate airport parking lots, parking at JFK can get expensive. If you’re wondering how much parking at JFK parking actually costs, this guide will help break down JFK parking costs.

In addition, this parking guide will help you find JFK parking for less money, so you can stick to your travel budget!

John F. Kennedy International Airport Parking Rates

Via the airport website, travelers can view what percentage of parking spots are left available in each of JFK’s parking lots and garages. The economy parking lots at JFK are located about four miles from the terminals. Therefore, the airport offers a free, easy air train to take guests from the parking lots to terminals 1 through 8. Parking in the economy parking lot (lot 9) will cost $20 for the first day, then $10 per 12 hours after that. 

Other parking lots are located closer to the terminals, but may still require the use of the easy air train. This will depend on which airport terminal your flight departs from. Parking in the daily blue or yellow parking lots will cost $42 a day.

Who Should Park On-Site at JFK vs. Who Should Park Off-Site

Parking on-site at JFK can cost a fair amount of money, especially if you want to be close to your departure terminal. In addition, JFK parking can be pricy for several-day trips. While there are cheaper options for parking near JFK using One Stop Parking, some guests may prefer to stay on-site at JFK. 

Those with restricted mobility or electric vehicles may need the amenities and services offered by parking on-site at JFK. However, for the average traveler who simply needs a safe place to park while they’re away, parking off-site at JFK is the best way to save money. For rates less than half of what you’ll pay in JFK’s economy parking lot, travelers with a tight budget should consider parking at a One Stop Parking parking lot.

Reasons to Park Off-Site with One Stop Parking

Offsite airport parking offers many benefits and perks over parking on-site at JFK:

  • Less Hassle: You will be able to pull right into an open space at your selected One Stop Parking location, instead of having to worry about the hassle of busy JFK airport parking lots.
  • Availability: You’ll reserve your One Stop Parking spot in advance of your travel dates, ensuring you’ll have an available spot. You won’t have to worry about filled parking lots!
  • Peace of Mind: When you select a One Stop Parking location, customers are able to read reviews that discuss the cleanliness of the parking lot, friendliness of staff, the quality of security, and other important information. This helps you feel confident and have peace of mind that your car will stay safe and secure while you’re away.
  • Free, Reliable Shuttle Transportation: Don’t worry about getting a ride to the airport. Every One Stop Parking location includes a free shuttle service to and from the airport (from the parking lot). This helps you save the hassle of lugging your luggage from a far-away parking lot to the airport terminal or having to ride the airport train to take you to the terminal.
  • Save Money: Perhaps the most obvious reason to choose One Stop Parking: is the cost-benefit! Travelers on a budget love saving money by parking off-site. This smart travel hack can save you hundreds of dollars, especially if you are a frequent traveler.

What To Look For for Parking Near JFK

As you search through many parking locations, consider the following:

  • How close to the airport do you want to be?
  • Do you need covered or uncovered parking?
  • What type of security needs do you have?
  • Are you parking an oversized SUV or truck?
  • What hours are the shuttle and what hours are your flight(s)?

As you keep your answers to the above questions in mind, you’ll find many selections at One Stop Parking. Every parking location has been thoroughly vetted, to ensure the best in security, friendly staff, and affordable rates for parking near JFK.

Choosing the Best JFK Parking

Want a reliable parking location that won’t let you down? Parking at the nearby Radisson Hotel to JFK is a great pick. Customers have rated this parking location as extremely easy to find and in clean condition. The Radisson Hotel is only a mile and a half from the airport, about a five-minute drive at most! Every day, the free airport shuttle runs from 5 am to 1 pm, and then again from 3 pm to 11 pm, as requested by guests.

Parking at the Radisson Hotel will cost you $15.95 per day. Compared to the $20 at JFK, you’ll save money every day you park. If you don’t mind a slightly longer shuttle ride to the airport, you can save enough more money at other locations for parking near JFK. JFK Air Lot Parking as well as EconoPark have rates under $11 per day of parking!

JFK Parking Can Be Found for Less Money

We hope this guide has helped you locate JFK parking for less money. After all, spending on airport parking doesn’t need to break the bank!