The Best Spots to Find FLL Airport Parking

FLL airport parking

Figuring out Fort Lauderdale airport parking can be stressful! With many parking lots and garages to choose from, travelers should prepare in advance to know where they’re parking. Preparing in advance will help you reduce those travel anxieties!

This busy airport is a popular destination for those escaping cold weather! The year-round beautiful weather in Fort Lauderdale makes it a popular destination, so you can expect this airport to be busy!

How Much Is Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking?

If you’ve got an upcoming trip, chances are you’re planning on parking at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Many travelers choose to park at the airport they depart from, as it makes life simple and easy. However, airport parking can quickly make a dent on a limited budget. While it is certainly convenient, it comes at a price!

There are several parking garages at FLL airport. For daily parking, the minimum is $15 per day, with options that increase up to $36 per day for closer locations to the airport terminals. As you can see, this can quickly add up for long-term parking!

Why You Should Park Off-Site Instead

Many travelers departing from FLL airport also park on-site because they’re unaware of other options! Don’t get stuck spending $15 per day on parking when there are cheaper options available. Parking off-site using One Stop Parking is equally as convenient as parking on-site at the airport, if not more! 

The free shuttle service makes the process simple and avoids the hassle of having to search large parking lots for open spaces. Keep reading to learn more about a better way to find the best, affordable spots for parking near fort lauderdale airport.

One Stop Parking: How It Works

One Stop Parking makes affordable airport parking simple and easy. When you search for FLL airport parking, you’ll find several options that use nearby parking lots and hotels to safely and securely park your car nearby to the airport. By parking right outside of the airport, you’ll save money and save yourself the hassle of searching for a parking spot in a busy FLL parking lot.

Hotels often have large parking lots with tons and tons of open parking spaces. As such, it works out great to use these spaces for airport parking. Spots are large and spacious, and with tons of parking at lower rates, why wouldn’t you choose One Stop Parking?

Cheap FLL Airport Parking

Saving money on parking near Fort Lauderdale airport is easy when you park at any of the following One Stop Parking locations. With prices as low as $3.00 per day, parking during your trip won’t make a dent in your travel budget! Plus, you’ll have ten different hotel options to choose from. Below are some of the best sports to find fort lauderdale airport parking:

Days Inn Airport (FLL)

Your friends and family won’t believe you found Fort Lauderdale airport parking for only $3 per day! The Days Inn FLL is located only six miles from the airport, offering a free shuttle every hour on the hour. Using this parking location is super simple too. Simply reserve your parking spot online and arrive on the day of your flight. Show the printed reservation to the front desk staff and you’ll be on your way! With a quick shuttle ride, you’ll arrive at the airport feeling great about the money you’ve saved.

Self Park (FLL)

If you’re looking to be a bit closer to the airport, try Self Park FLL’s safe and secure parking lot. Located only half a mile from the airport, this parking location is nearly the same as parking on-site at FLL airport. Another great perk of Self Park FLL besides the affordable price of $3.49 per day of parking is that there are no extra charges for parking extra-large vehicles.

Discount Parking (FLL)

Located under ten minutes from Fort Lauderdale airport, Discount Parking (FLL) is another excellent spot for parking near FLL. This parking location offers a free 24/7 shuttle service that takes you to the airport and will take you back to your car when you come back. Every ten minutes the shuttle will depart for the airport. For return service, the shuttle will come on demand. This parking location costs $8.99 per day, which is much cheaper than the economy parking at FLL ($15 per day!)

Courtyard Marriott 

Another wonderful spot to park near FLL is the Courtyard Marriott. Customers love a parking location because of its 24/7 surveillance to ensure safe parking. If you’re worried about leaving your car, you can feel safe leaving it at the Courtyard Marriott. This location has surveillance cameras and is watched by hotel staff too. For only $6.95 per day, you’ll have a reliable parking location that makes your travel easy.

Want to see the rest of the excellent locations for Fort Lauderdale parking? Check out One Stop Parking to find the best parking location for your travel needs.