How to Find a Great Parking Spot Near Cleveland Airport

Finding a great parking spot near Cleveland Airport is easy with One Stop Parking! If you’re looking for an a parking lot with an affordable rate, there are Cleveland parking options available for every type of traveler.

One Stop Parking: Cheap Cleveland Airport Parking

One Stop Parking offers three affordable and convenient parking locations, priced under $10 per day! For CLE travelers on a budget, parking with One Stop Parking is the perfect solution. Below, we’ll break down each of the three locations available for CLE parking and what type of traveler each is best suited for.

Wyndham Cleveland Airport (CLE)

This recently added parking location has quickly become one of the most popular for CLE parking. Parking at the Wyndham Cleveland Airport (CLE) offers a safe and secure parking location to leave your vehicle. For only $3.95 per day of parking, you’ll be only a short 5-min shuttle ride away from the airport.

This new parking location is the best-priced One Stop Parking location available! In addition, it also offers reliable and long shuttle operating hours. The free shuttle runs approximately every 20 minutes from 7 am to 11 am, and then every 30 minutes for the remainder of the day (Noon to 11 pm). If you have an international flight that departs or arrives outside the shuttle operating hours, shuttle service will not be available. However, you may arrange for a Ride Share such as Lyft or Uber.

Best Suited For: Parking at Wyndham Cleveland Airport is best for the traveler who wants to save the maximum amount of money on airport parking. If you’ll be away for several days, parking here will save you the most money.

2 Birds Shuttle and Detail (CLE)

Another option for parking near Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is parking with 2 Birds Shuttle and Detail. This parking location is slightly closer to the airport than the Wyndham Cleveland Airport, which means a slightly shorter shuttle ride. In addition, this parking lot offers a gated parking lot with 24/7 security personnel and video surveillance.

The daily parking rate at this location is $9.50 per day. A free shuttle service is included (for up to three guests) which will take you from the airport and back to your vehicle when you return. The shuttle operation hours are from 4 am to 1 am, every 30 minutes, 10 minutes, and 40 minutes past the hour.

Best Suited For: Parking at 2 Birds Shuttle and Detail is best for travelers who want additional security measures. The gated access and surveillance at this facility add an extra level of assurance, which some travelers prefer. This location is also great for very early flights, as the shuttle service begins at 4 am!

Airport Express Parking (CLE)

Last but not least, parking at Airport Express Parking (CLE) is available to Cleveland travelers. This location is the closest to the Cleveland Airport of all three of the One Stop Parking locations. Airport Express Parking (CLE) is only .2 miles from the airport! In addition, this gated parking lot has high-quality security with camera/video surveillance.

If you wish to park an oversized vehicle here, there will be no additional fees. Any car, truck, or SUV pays the same daily parking fee of $9.99 per day. Unlike expensive airport parking lots, Airport Express Parking (CLE) offers accessible parking for every type of vehicle. In addition, the 24/7 shuttle service is another attractive advantage to parking here.

Best Suited For: Parking at Airport Express Parking is best for travelers who want to be very close to the airport terminal. In addition, it’s a great option for those looking for advanced security measures and 24/7 shuttle service.

How Much Will I Save on CLE Parking?

Parking at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport offers five different options, ranging in price from $13 to $30 per day:

Brown Parking Lot: This is CLE’s cheapest on-site parking option. It is not within walking distance of the airport terminal. This means travelers must board the airport shuttle every 15 minutes. Parking here costs $13 per day.
Orange Parking Lot: This lot has accessibility to the terminal via a Skywalk. Parking here costs $16 per day.
Blue Parking Lot: This is a surface parking lot nearby to the terminals. Parking here costs $19 per day.
Red Parking Lot: Located directly across from the Blue Parking Lot, these two parking lots are nearly the same, with the same daily rate. ($19 per day)
CLE Smart Parking Garage: This parking garage offers covered parking, with parking assistance via an intelligent guidance system. Parking here costs $20 per day. This is directly attached to the airport terminal building.
Curbside Valet: Valet parking is available for $30 per day.

Given that the cheapest parking option available at CLE is $13 per day, saving money with One Stop Parking is a no-brainer! Not to mention, the Brown Parking Lot only holds about 600 vehicles. If this parking lot is full, you’re stuck spending at least $16 or more on parking per day. When you park in this location, you’ll have to ride an airport shuttle to get to the terminal. So, why not park with One Stop Parking? No matter which of the three parking locations you select for parking near CLE, you’ll find a great parking spot for less.