Layover Tips And Tricks

You may not love spending time stuck in an airport, but we’re here to help you like it! Armed with the following tips, you’ll be better equipped than ever to survive an extended airport stay before your flight.


1. Make It “You Time”


We live in an age of screens and distractions, often at the cost of self-care and relaxation. You only get five lives in Candy Crush before waiting for a refill, so once those are all used up, take some time to listen to your body and do some good.


Chances are, between dragging luggage around and sitting in your chair for hours, your body is in a pretzel-like state. Do some easy stretches, like relaxing your neck and gently rolling your head from side to side. It’s like a free massage.


If you’re ready to commit to airport nirvana, let the world around you melt away with meditation. There are tons of free apps out there to get you started – and has there ever been a better time?


2. Make It A Staycation


If a hotel isn’t in the cards, pamper yourself with some peace and quiet without actually leaving the premises.


Certain ticket classes and specialty credit cards can score you free access to one of the airport’s many lounges, but if that’s not possible for you, day passes are also available for purchase. Depending on how swanky you want to go, a pass should run you between $29 and $75. Lounges give you the chance to enjoy time away from the bustle, often stocked with drinks, snacks, and free WiFi.



3. Get A Hotel


The ultimate “treat yourself” move. If you can count the length of your layover in hours on one hand, this might be a little much, but a more substantial airport stay – especially if it’s overnight – deserves a solid basecamp.


Why drape yourself over a row of barely-padded chairs with a sweater shielding your eyes from the aggressive fluorescent lighting? Tons of hotels around the airport will even offer a free shuttle to and fro.


Drop a little coin for a mattress, fluffy duvet, and lamplight. Oh, and don’t forget the mini bar.


4. Have An Actual Meal


It’s one thing to be sprinting to your gate like a maniac, trying fruitlessly to keep the remainder of the coffee that is now running down your arm inside the to-go cup. But taking a moment to sit down for a meal is a luxury in a league of its own.


True, you would be hard-pressed to find a Michelin-starred restaurant inside of an airport, but it’s also not difficult to one-up Dunkin Donuts! Take a few minutes to do some research, and make a beeline for the best eatery in the airport. You’d be surprised at the lovely little restaurants you can find along the way.


5. Seek Out Exceptional Amenities


Airports have a reputation for being boring, but there are always those that buck the trend.


If you’re in Burlington or San Francisco, you can enjoy the airport yoga studio. Travellers in Honolulu can head to the indoor gardens and say hello to some koi fish, while visitors to Austin and Nashville only have to go so far before stumbling upon some live music. Vancouver airport boasts an on-site aquarium, and Singapore has set up a butterfly garden and rooftop pool. The list goes on.