How to Save Huge on Louisville Airport Parking This Christmas

Louisville Airport Parking

According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the holiday season is one of the busiest long-distance travel periods in the entire year. During the period around Christmas and New Year’s, the number of long-distance trips rises by around 23%, when compared to the rest of the year. While this applies to all forms of travel, including bus, car, and air travel, airports see the busiest crowds throughout the holidays.

If you’re traveling out of Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport, be prepared for large crowds this holiday season. SDF is one of Kentucky’s largest airports, serving around 4.2 million passengers each year (as of 2019). A large number of these passengers are served over the holidays. Last year, in 2021, about 180,000 passengers flew out of SDF airport during the holiday season between Dec 20th and Jan 3rd.

No matter the airport you depart from, parking at airports during the holiday season can be stressful and expensive. During the holiday season, it can seem like money is flying everywhere! Keep reading to find out the best ways to save money by parking near Louisville airport.

Why You Need One Stop Parking for SDF Parking

When SDF travelers find out how much money they can save on SDF parking, they never go back! When you park with One Stop Parking this holiday season, you’ll benefit from the following advantages:

Easy Transportation: When you park at any of One Stop Parking’s SDF parking locations, you’ll never be left without transportation. Each easy parking location has specific shuttle hours to take you to the airport terminal. In addition, this makes your holiday travel easier since you won’t need to worry about return transportation easier. Plus, you won’t have to worry about remembering where you parked in a huge airport parking lot!

Unbeatable Holiday Parking Rates: Saving huge on Louisville Airport parking this Christmas doesn’t need to be difficult. One Stop Parking’s airport parking Louisville Kentucky locations are unbeatable! The rates for parking at SDF vary, starting at $8.00 per day for the Express Shuttle Parking Lot. From there, it goes upwards ranging from $10.00 to $24.00.

In comparison, every One Stop Parking lot is priced between $3.50 per day to $7.50 per day. Not only will you save money on your holiday travel, but you’ll also get access to all of these other amazing benefits listed. One Stop Parking also offers a best-price guarantee. This means we’ll match any competitor rates (within 48 hours of booking).

Reserved Parking Spots: Nervous about arriving at the airport to find there is no SDF parking? This Christmas, save yourself the hassle and reserve your OneStop Parking space in advance. You won’t need to worry about driving around and around trying to find empty parking spaces. The holiday season comes with enough stress in itself, so skip the stress of parking! On the day of your reservation, simply check in with the hotel desk and you’ll quickly be on your way to the airport.

Rewards Program: When you park at the airport, you won’t earn rewards or have anything to show for your money spent. Instead, parking near Louisville airport with One Stop Parking earns you rewards. Through our unique rewards program, travelers can accumulate points to use on future parking. For frequent travelers, you’ll find that your rewards can mount up fast! In the end, you’ll end up saving even more money when compared to parking on-site at airports.

Places to Save Huge on Louisville Airport Parking

Get started by planning ahead for your Christmas vacation by reserving parking at these top locations!

Holiday Inn Express Louisville Airport (SDF)

We hear from SDF travelers that parking at Holiday Inn Express Louisville Airport (SDF) is easy and affordable. Located only 5 miles from the airport, this parking location includes a free shuttle service that runs from 7 AM to 7 PM. This hotel features a quiet and roomy parking lot. The best part is that parking here costs only $3.95 per day. That’s about half of the price of the cheapest parking at SDF!

Residence Inn (SDF)

Traveling overseas for this Christmas vacation? If so, you may have an overnight flight. Holiday travelers in need of a 24/7 shuttle love parking at Residence Inn (SDF). If your flight departure is in the middle of the night, no need to worry. The 24/7 airport shuttle is available whenever you need it.

In addition to the 24/7 shuttle service, the Residence Inn (SDF) is located directly across the street from Louisville International Airport (0.2 miles). This means you’ll have only a two or three-minute shuttle ride, at most! This hotel parking lot is kept in excellent condition and is easily accessible. For only $7.50 per day of parking, think about how much money you’ll save!

You can’t go wrong when parking at the Holiday Inn Express Louisville Airport (SDF) or Residence Inn (SDF). To learn more about One Stop Parking’s other options for parking near Louisville airport, check out the full list of affordable parking locations.