Parking Near Louisville Airport Doesn’t Have to Cost A Fortune: Here’s How to Save

Parking Near Louisville Airport Doesn’t Have to Cost A Fortune: Here’s How to Save

Running late getting out the door to the airport? The last thing you want to do is have to stress about finding an overpriced airport parking space. Busy airports, like Louisville Airport, often have overcrowded parking lots that can cost a fortune. With some advanced research, saving money on airport parking is totally possible!

In this guide, we’ll help you learn the best ways to save on parking near Louisville airport. You will find detailed information about the many options available for parking both on-site and off-site near Louisville airport.

How much does airport parking cost?

Airport parking costs are notoriously expensive, however, the rates differ depending on the specific airport. Options for parking near Louisville airport are not quite as high as many other U.S. airports, however, prices can still add up quickly for multiple-day trips. Below are the options travelers have when parking near Louisville airport:

Surface Parking Lot

The cheapest option for airport parking Louisville Kentucky starts with the surface parking lot, at a rate of $9 per day of parking. While $9 is the daily max if you’ll be parked for at least seven days your price will be capped at the weekly max of $54. This offers the last day of parking for free. The surface parking lot is the most affordable option for SDF parking, however, it will require shuttle service to and from the airport terminal. SDF does provide a free shuttle service as part of the parking rate.

Premier East Parking Lot

If you want to avoid taking the airport shuttle, guests can park at the premier east parking lot which is located in walking distance of the terminal. However, the price is higher than the surface parking lot. The daily maximum parking rate is $10 per day, while the weekly maximum is $60 per week. In addition, this lot only accepts credit card payments (no cash).

Premier West Parking Lot

Similar to the premier east parking lot, the west parking lot offers the same rates. The only difference is that this parking lot is located on the west side of airport terminals instead. This lot is also within walking distance of the airport and will cost $10 per day or $60 per week.

Covered Parking Garage

For guests seeking covered parking while they’re away, SDF parking offers a parking garage for $13 per day. The weekly rate at the covered parking garage is $78. The parking garage is within walking distance of the airport terminals. Guests who want convenience and covered parking will pay more for the added perks.

Note: One other parking location at Louisville Airport exists, however, it is currently closed. The airport has not given any indication as to when this express shuttle parking lot will be available. 

What does Long-term vs. Short-term airport parking mean?

When you’re searching for parking near Louisville airport, you’ll notice long-term and short-term parking lots. It is important to know the difference so you don’t park in the wrong lot! Short-term parking lots are intended to provide convenient parking that is close to the airport terminals. These are typically at a costly, per-hour rate, and are not for use overnight. 

For several-day parking, you’ll need a long-term parking lot. Long-term parking lots are sometimes called economy parking lots, at certain airports. These are often located far away from the airport terminal and will require either a walk or a shuttle ride, depending on which lot you choose. While long-term parking is farther away, it’s also more budget-friendly. long-term parking lots are intended to be used for several days.

Parking Nearby to SDF

Remember how we said parking near Louisville airport doesn’t have to cost a fortune? The cheapest option for parking on-site at SDF costs $9 per day or $54 per week. However, there are cheaper spots for parking near Louisville airport if you park off-site at a local hotel. OneStopParking offers a program that allows you to use space at nearby SDF hotels to park at a fraction of the on-site rates. There are four options to choose from that are all located five or fewer miles from the airport!

Closest Off-Site SDF Airport Parking

Located only 0.2 miles from the SDF airport, parking at Residence Inn SDF or Hampton Inn SDF will cost $7.50 per day. This is a daily savings compared to the $ 9-a-day rate at the SDF parking lot.  Parking at either of these locations is simple! Once you reserve your spot online in advance, simply arrive and park at any open parking spot you’d like. Inside, the hotel service desk staff will help check you in and provide important information.

The free shuttle service will arrive right outside of the hotel to bring you to the airport. In a short four-minute shuttle ride, you’ll be on your way to your departure gate in no time.

Cheapest Off-Site SDF Parking

If you can spare a few extra minutes, parking at the Holiday Inn Express near SDF is the answer! At a superior parking rate of only $3.95 per day, you’ll save over 50% compared to the $9 parking at SDF. While this parking location is slightly farther from the airport (5 miles), the free shuttle ride is still quick and simple at only 7 minutes. If you can spare an extra 3 minutes and want reliable, cheap SDF parking, this site is for you! The free shuttle runs from 7 am to 7 pm, every day.

Learn More about OneStopParking

Getting excited about all of the money you’ll save on airport parking near Louisville Kentucky? We are too. To learn more about OneStopParking locations, check out all of these available Lousiville spots here.