Wanna Save Big on CVG Airport Parking During the Holidays? This is How

Every year, the holidays seem to come around quicker and quicker. Before you know it, you look down at the calendar to find we’re already halfway through the year. For many, the holidays are a time of excitement, filled with fun-filled family gatherings and festive activities. For others, the holidays come with the added expenses and stresses associated with traveling to see family and friends.

If you’re worried about overspending this holiday season, we’ve got you covered. Travelers departing from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport need to know this budget-friendly hack for airport parking. Saving money on airport parking means you’ll have more money to spend on holiday festivities and presents.

Increased Flight Costs

If you’ve scheduled any flights recently, chances are you’ve noticed a serious price hike. Due to inflation and several factors from the post-COVID travel boom, airport travelers are experiencing increased flight costs. Of course, during peak travel seasons such as the summer and the holiday season, rates tend to jump even higher.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, travelers are facing increased flight costs for a variety of reasons. First off, people are beginning to finally resume normal travel after the world was shut down during the height of the pandemic. Due to high demand, plus the increased costs of fuel, travelers in 2022 can expect rising flight prices.

While you may not be able to control the cost of your flight during this upcoming holiday season, the great news is that there are other ways to save big on CVG parking.

Saving Big on CVG Parking

Along with increased flight costs, travelers should be aware of increased parking at airports. Airports can cost an arm and a leg to park at, given their convenience. For longer trips especially, parking on-site at CVG can quickly become expensive. 

CVG offers numerous parking options, depending on your budget and price point. However, even the cheapest, most affordable CVG parking can make a huge dent in your holiday budget. Let’s take a look at how much Cinnicatini airport parking costs:

Cheapest On-Site CVG Parking: Economy Lot

Currently, the cheapest on-site parking at Cinncinatti Airport is located in their CVG Economy Parking Lot. This economy parking lot is intended for long-term daily parking for departing travelers. While parking in the economy lot will save you money when compared to other parking options, it requires the use of the courtesy shuttle to take you to the airport terminal.

In addition, travelers must pre-pay or use a credit card, as this parking lot does not accept cash payments. The current rate is $9 per day of parking in the economy lot. During the busy holiday season, this economy parking lot may fill up. If so, you’ll be forced to select the next cheapest parking option, the CVG ValuPark lot.

Next Best Option for CVG On-Site Parking: CVG ValuPark Lot

CVG’s ValuPark Lot costs $11 per day of parking. Located to the west of the economy parking lot mentioned above, it is only slightly closer to the airport terminal. When parking in this lot, you’ll still need to ride the shuttle to get to the terminal.

If needed, this lot does provide luggage assistance. Like the economy lot, this parking lot can fill during peak travel days, especially around the holiday time. You can check the number of remaining parking spots from CVG’s website.

The Real Costs of CVG Airport Parking

As you can see, even the cheapest Cinncinati Airport parking can add up over several vacation days. Depending on how long you’ll be away for the holidays, your parking bill could quickly add up. While this harsh reality of the cost of CVG airport parking might scare you, don’t let it! There are other great alternatives to finding more affordable parking near Cincinnati Airport. Below, we’ll give you One Stop Parking’s secret to saving big on CVG holiday airport parking.

The Better Way to Park at Cincinnati Airport

Traveling around during the holiday season comes with enough expenses. Don’t overpay for airport parking. Instead, park at a safe and secure One Stop Parking location. One Stop Parking offers three budget-friendly options located within just a few miles of CVG airport. 

You must be wondering how a deal this good could be true. One Stop Parking’s easy parking process is simple. By using the parking lot of nearby hotels to the airport, travelers can save money on airport parking. One Stop Parking offers a shuttle service to take you from the parking location to the airport, as well as a return shuttle service after you’ve arrived back home. Not to mention, the daily parking rates can save you big!

Parking with One Stop Parking helps save you time and stress too. Simply reserve your parking spot and location online in advance of your trip date. On the day of your flight’s departure, arrive at the hotel lot and check-in. A shuttle will be waiting for you to get you to the airport terminal on time. When you come back, simply call the return shuttle service phone number and you’ll be driven back to your car. While you’re gone, your car will remain safe and secure in our trusted partner parking lots.

Where to Start

Wondering where to start to find affordable parking near Cincinnati airport? One of the cheapest options is to park at the Holiday Inn Express, located only a few miles from CVG’s airport terminals. From 5 am to 11 pm every day, a reliable, free shuttle service is available. For a rate of only $4.95 per day of parking, you’ll save a ton while you’re away and traveling during the holiday season.

If you’re looking to be a bit closer to the airport, other CVG parking options include the Quality Inn & Suites, as well as the Hilton (CVG). No matter which of these secure One Stop Parking locations you select, you can count on saving big on CVG airport during the holiday season.