Top 5 Most Expensive Airport Parking in the USA

most expensive airport parking in the usa

As travel enthusiasts embark on their journeys, one often overlooked aspect is the cost associated with parking at airports. For those who prioritize convenience or simply seek a secure spot for their vehicles, the expenses can add up. Let’s delve into the world of airport parking fees and uncover the top 5 most expensive airport parking in the USA.

LaGuardia Airport (LGA), New York



Known for its bustling atmosphere and proximity to the Big Apple, LaGuardia Airport parking tops the list with the most expensive airport parking in the USA. With daily rates soaring as high as $45 for short-term parking, travelers are met with hefty charges, reflecting the premium of convenience in this bustling metropolis. The demand for limited parking spaces near the terminals drives up the costs, making LaGuardia airport parking a wallet-draining choice for those who prioritize proximity.


Alternative: Queens Crossing


For a budget-friendly alternative to LaGuardia Airport parking, consider the off-site parking solutions. OneStopParking offers competitive rates, allowing travelers to save significantly while still enjoying the convenience of shuttle services to and from LaGuardia Airport.

Queens Crossing offers parking for as little as $9.95 per day with a free shuttle every hour between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM.


John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), New York

JFK airport

The air travel hub of JFK, also located in New York, follows closely behind LaGuardia in parking expenses. As one of the busiest airports in the country, JFK parking fees can reach up to $39 per day for short-term parking. While the airport offers a variety of parking options, the premium associated with being within arm’s reach of the terminals is palpable. Travelers looking to cut costs might consider exploring alternative parking near the airport to save on JFK parking fees and their overall travel expenses.


Alternative: The Parking Joint


With competitive rates and reliable shuttle services, you can enjoy the convenience of airport proximity without the sky-high costs thanks to The Parking Joint.


They offer an airport shuttle every 15 minutes which runs 24/7, helping you avoid those steep JFK parking fees . They are only located 2.5 miles from the airport and you can look forward to valet parking for extra convenience.


San Francisco International Airport (SFO), California

SFO Airport

On the west coast, San Francisco International Airport stands out as a prime example of high parking costs. With daily rates reaching up to $36 for short-term parking, SFO caters to the demand for convenience in the tech-centric Bay Area. While the airport provides various parking options, including long-term and valet services, those who opt for the closest spots pay a premium. Savvy travelers might consider off-site parking alternatives to avoid breaking the bank on parking fees alone.


Alternative: Best Western Grosvenor Hotel


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Their parking costs only $8.75 per day and they offer a free shuttle during peak travel times in the morning and late afternoon.


Denver International Airport (DEN), Colorado

DEN airport

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Denver International Airport takes its place on the list of airports with high parking costs. With daily rates reaching up to $33 for short-term parking, travelers flying through DEN are met with the expenses that come with proximity to the terminals. While the airport offers various parking options, including covered and valet services, the convenience factor comes at a premium. Alternatively, check out affordable DEN parking options on OneStopParking.


Alternative: OneStopParking – Denver Airport


Discover affordable DEN parking solutions through OneStopParking. Experience cost savings alongside dependable shuttle services, providing a practical and economical alternative to on-site parking options.


ParkDIA Denver Airport offers unbeatable value for money with daily rates of only $4.48. Their shuttle service runs 24/7 and arrives every 15 minutes and they also offer on-demand pickup from the airport, making this the best affordable DEN parking around.


Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), Virginia

Dulles airport

Rounding out the list is Washington Dulles International Airport, serving the nation’s capital and its surrounding regions. With daily rates as high as $30 for short-term parking, IAD mirrors the trend of higher parking costs near major cities. As a key hub for domestic and international flights, travelers should be prepared for the premium attached to the convenience of parking closer to the terminals, or check out the cheap parking near Dulles Airport below.


Alternative: Hyatt Regency Dulles


For a wallet-friendly option, check out the Hyatt Regency Dulles for cheap parking near Dulles Airport. Enjoy affordable rates and dependable shuttle services to enhance your travel experience without compromising on convenience. All of this for only $6.95 per day.




While airports play a crucial role in facilitating travel, the convenience of parking near the terminals often comes at a steep price. The top 5 most expensive airports parking in the USA, including LaGuardia, JFK, SFO, DEN, and IAD, reflect the demand for proximity and convenience in major metropolitan areas.


As travelers plan their journeys, considering alternative parking solutions, such as off-site parking facilities or public transportation, can help mitigate the impact of these high parking costs. Balancing convenience with budget-conscious choices ensures a smoother travel experience without breaking the bank solely on parking fees.