The Benefits Of Off-Site Airport Parking

Off-Site Airport Parking

When you think about parking at the airport and heading off into the wild blue yonder for your next business or leisure trip, you may think about finding the most convenient on-site parking spot available. Depending on how long you plan to be gone, you may be debating between short-term and long-term airport parking available on airport grounds. However, another option is to use off-site airport parking. While this may be viewed as a backup option for those busy travel times when the on-site options are full, there are several great benefits associated with using off-site parking lots. With a closer look at what these benefits are, you may decide that you want to use these as your first option.

Off-site Airport Parking Benefits

Affordable Rates

It is easy to compare the rates of short-term parking, long-term airport parking and off-site parking to find the best deal. In many cases, the rates are published online. If not, you can research the rates by requesting information over the phone to find affordable airport parking. With off-site parking, you will typically enjoy more affordable rates coupled with several other benefits, and this makes off-site parking a superior choice.

Fast Service

You may think it would be faster to use on-site parking at the airport, but this is not necessarily the case. With on-site parking at many airports, you must drive around to attempt to find an open spot, and this may take several minutes or longer. In addition, you must pull out your luggage and take it to a designated pick-up location if you use the long-term parking options. With short-term parking, you must haul your own luggage to the airport, and this may be quite a distance. When you use off-site parking, you are able to drive right up to the pick-up station and have an attendant park your vehicle for you. The attendants pull your luggage out of your car for you and load it into the van or bus to take to the airport. This is a hassle-free option that typically is much faster.


When you are traveling, you may be stressed about trying to make it to the airport on time. Issues related to fighting traffic, finding a parking spot, wondering how long the shuttle service will take and more can leave you feeling frazzled before you even step foot inside the airport. When you use off-site parking services, you are using the service of a private company that is focused on customer service and catering to a traveler’s needs. These are affordable airport parking solutions that can make your travel experience more convenient when you arrive at the airport as well as when you return home from your trip.

While you could park on-site at the airport at a short-term or long-term airport parking lot, you may consider trying out an off-site parking lot service. Off-site parking offers superior benefits, and once you have tried out a private parking service, you may never use on-site parking again.