O’Hare Airport Parking Secrets to Save You Money

Parking at Chicago O’Hare International Airport while you’re away on a business trip or vacation? Get prepared in advance by knowing what parking location to choose. Depending on your destination and needs, Chicago O’Hare offers several parking options to meet every traveler’s needs. While O’Hare does offer a wide variety of parking selections, based on its location outside a major city, you can expect prices to quickly add up. Parking at airports is not cheap!

O’Hare Airport Parking Options

Before you select a parking location, consider how many days of parking you’ll need. For short-term parking, an hourly rate is charged. If you’re parking your car at Chicago O’Hare, chances are you’ll be parked for at least several days. If so, parking in an economy lot (with a daily rate) will start at $15 per day.

Economy Lots G and H

The cheapest economy parking lot at Chicago O’Hare, Economy Lot G & H, is priced at $15 per day. While this is the cheapest option for parking on-site, it comes with a few disadvantages. First off, Lot G & H has located a ways away from the airport terminals. This means you will need to take the shuttle to get to the terminal. Secondly, these lot often fills up on busy travel days, as they are the cheapest lots offered by O’Hare. Before you head over, check the Chicago O’Hare website to check on parking availability.

Economy Lot F

Some travelers may prefer covered parking while they’re away. Economy Lot F, offers an economy option that is covered. Each day of parking in Economy Lot F will cost $22 per day, a significant increase of an extra $7 per day when compared to the uncovered O’Hare Airport Parking economy lots. If you’re looking to save the most money while parking on-site, you may have to forgo covered parking!

Daily Parking Lot and Daily Main Garage

If economy lots at Chicago O’Hare are full, you can expect the price per day of parking to jump up significantly.  Daily parking in the main parking lot or daily main garage is priced at $42 per day! This can quickly become expensive for a several-day trip. While these lots are located much closer to the terminals and do not require a shuttle trip, you’ll pay a hefty rate for the added convenience. 

Consider Parking Off-Site

Not too happy about these pricy parking rates at Chicago O’Hare? Many other parking options are available to help you save money. The first secret to saving money at O’hare airport parking is to park nearby! While it may seem logical to park at your destination (the airport), daily parking rates are simply too expensive. Instead, other easy and convenient parking locations are available too. With a little research, cheap parking near O’Hare is possible for every traveler!

One Stop Parking: The Secret to Saving Money on O’Hare Airport Parking

Using One Stop Parking is the best travel hack to save the most money on parking near O’Hare Airport. Here’s how the simple process works:

  1. Select your designated airport (O’Hare) and travel dates on the easy search via onestopparking.com
  1. Browse through affordable, nearby parking locations to Chicago O’Hare Airport. One Stop Parking partners with hotels that are close to the airport to use their safe parking lots as airport parking. You do not need to be a guest of the hotel to use their parking lot through this service.

In turn, this helps save customers tons of money! Every parking location offers a free shuttle bus service to get you to the airport. The shuttle bus arrives when you return to bring you back to the hotel you’ve parked at.

  1. Read through the details about each hotel location. One Stop Parking locations differ in their offerings. For example, some may offer uncovered or covered spots, options for valet, parking for oversized vehicles, handicap accessibility, and more, Be sure to thoroughly read through the details of your selected location.
  1. Once you’ve identified the best parking location, click the blue “book now” button to reserve your parking spot. Reserving your spot in advance takes the hassle out of looking for stressful airport parking. 
  1. Arrive on your travel departure day ready to park in a safe and secure location! If you have any questions, the hotel desk staff will be happy to assist. Hop on the shuttle and you’ll be on your way to Chicago O’Hare airport! You can feel great about your selection knowing you’ve used this secret to save money on airport parking.

Best One Stop Parking Locations for Cheap Parking Near O’Hare

24/7 Shuttle Parking Location

Some One Stop Parking locations offer shuttles that arrive on a specific schedule, while others offer a 24/7 shuttle service. If you’re flying internationally, your flight times may be outside of typical shuttle hours. In these instances, selecting a One Stop Parking location with a 24/7 shuttle is a smart move! 

  • Routes Airport Parking: For only $11.95 per day, park at this safe location which is located only three miles from the airport. Routes Airport Parking offers 24/7 shuttle service, free of charge when you park with One Stop Parking. This location is also gated and extra-secure with security cameras, providing the best assurance for your vehicle while you’re away.

Cheapest Parking Location

  • Best Western O’Hare North: Want the cheapest option, no matter what? Best Western O’Hare North is priced at only $6.25 per day of parking! You won’t beat that value when parking near Chicago O’Hare! Plus, this budget-friendly parking location is ranked 4.5 out of 5 stars amongst past reviews.

Try O’Hare Parking Secrets

Try One Stop Parking for the best secret to save you money on your next trip. With rates less than half of the parking on-site at Chicago O’Hare, One Stop Parking is the best kept secret to cheap airport parking.