Parking at Fresno Airport Can be Expensive: Here’s How to Find Cheaper Options

Parking at Fresno Airport Can be Expensive: Here’s How to Find Cheaper Options 

As you plan and research your next trip, travelers are often stumped on what to do with their car. Parking on-site at Fresno Airport can quickly become pricey, especially for several-day trips. While limited parking is available at a starting rate of $8 per day, most FAT airport parking costs $14 per day. 

Before you panic, read this Fresno airport parking guide below. We’ll outline everything you need to know about parking at Fresno airport and how to find cheaper alternatives.

Options for Fresno Airport Parking

Before you head over to Fresno airport, you’ll want to be prepared with a parking location. Some parking lots on-site at Fresno airport only accept certain forms of payments, so this is important to be aware of. In addition, many sites are first-come, first-serve. If your intended parking location fills, you may need a plan B! 

If you wish to park on-site at Fresno airport, you’ll have to pay for your parking the day of. This airport does not allow advance reservations or the ability to see if lots have filled via their website. 

Economy Parking Lot at FAT

The economy lot is the cheapest parking option available on-site at Fresno airport. This lot charges a flat rate of $8 per day. This lot is also the smallest of the parking lots at FAT, which means it’s likely to fill. The economy parking lot is located southeast of the terminals, so be sure to leave plenty of time for the walk. This is about a 1.3-mile walk from the economy parking lot to the terminals. 

Standard Parking Lots and Garages at FAT

If the economy lot is full, the next cheapest option on-site is one of the three other parking locations (Parking lot/garage 1, 2, and 3). Parking lots 1 and 2 accept either cash or credit card as payment, whereas parking lot 3 only accepts cash payments.

All three of these parking options cost $14 per day. If you’re seeking covered parking, you’ll want to park in Garage 1. All other parking locations are uncovered. Each of these three lots is of different distance from the airport but may require at least a mile walk. 

Things to Consider About Fresno Airport Parking 

Fresno airport does not offer valet parking services. They do, however, offer ADA-accessible parking for disabled persons. 

Why You Should Park Off-Site near Fresno Airport

No matter where you’re headed, chances are you’re going to have many things to pay for. From accommodations to activities and food or drinks, traveling comes with many expenses. Why overpay for parking? For a several-day trip, parking can quickly become expensive! Many cheaper options for airport parking are just a click away!

Parking off-site using One Stop Parking is a smart solution to help save money on expensive airport parking. Using nearby hotel parking lots, we’re able to offer unbeatable parking rates that beat the airport, everytime.

Every One Stop Parking location beats the rates of FAT parking. Not to mention, it’s so much easier! Parking with One Stop Parking is a streamlined, simple process. You won’t be left driving around in circles searching for a parking lot. In addition, you’ll get free shuttle transportation to the airport and back to your car after your trip.

FAT Parking Nearby

Best Option: Wyndham Garden FAT

For only $3.95 a day, park at Wyndham Garden instead of on-site at Fresno airport. This price is under half of the price of the cheapest parking option at Fresno airport. This amazing deal makes this one of the best locations One Stop Parking has to offer. Located only half a mile from the airport, this lot is walkable in just a few minutes. You can also park vans, pickup trucks, and large SUVs at the same amazing rate!

Easy, Reliable Shuttle:  The Best Western is another option for parking near Fresno airport. This secure location received across-the-board excellent reviews from past users. Rated a total of 4.8 out of 5 stars, this reliable parking location offers parking at a rate of $7.95 a day. It is located about one mile from the airport. 

The reliable shuttle comes on-demand, 24/7. No matter when your flight arrives, you can count on a reliable shuttle to take you back to your car.

Benefits of Using One Stop Parking

When you use One Stop Parking, you’ll benefit from

  • Ability to reserve FAT parking in advance
  • Reliable and friendly shuttle drivers
  • Safe and secure, monitored parking locations
  • Return shuttle service for free to your vehicle
  • Unbeatable daily parking rates

Try One Stop Parking for your next airport parking location. Once you try it and see the money you save, you’ll never park at Fresno airport again!