Parking Near O’Hare Airport is Much Cheaper Than You Think

Planning ahead for your O’Hare flight? Don’t let expensive parking stress you out! There are several options for O’Hare Airport Parking, both located on-site at the airport or using a nearby airport hotel parking lot. This guide is intended to help provide travelers like you with pricing and tips to save the most money on cheap parking near O’Hare. Whether you need the closest possible parking lot or the cheapest possible parking lot, there are several options to consider for Chicago O’Hare parking.

How Much Will Parking at O’Hare Airport Cost?

Economy Parking Lots at O’Hare

There are three economy parking lots on-site for parking at Chicago O’Hare. These are called economy parking lots H, G, and F. All of these parking lots are located to the north of the airport itself. Based on their distance from the terminal, travelers parking at these economy lots will need to use the Airport Transit System (ATS). On busy travel days, you can expect the economy parking lots to fill up quickly.

The rate for parking in these economy parking lots will vary depending on which one you select. Parking Lot G or H cost $15 per day, while parking lot F costs $22 per day. The price difference is due to the fact that parking lot F offers covered parking, while the other two are uncovered parking spots.

Daily Parking in Lots B or C

Daily parking is also available in lots B or C, which is located directly next to the airport terminal. While these are great because they are within walking distance, they also cost $42 per day! This is a big difference between $15 for the economy lot and $22 per day.

As you can see, parking at Chicago O’Hare can become stressful and expensive. If the economy lots are full, you’ll be stuck paying an outrageous $42 per day for parking. If you want to avoid this stressful and costly parking, parking at a nearby hotel is a great option. One Stop Parking is a great solution to find parking near O’hare airport that is cheaper and easier!

Other Chicago O’Hare Parking Options to Choose From

Using One Stop Parking gives travelers so many options to choose from. No matter what your needs are, One Stop Parking has a parking location for you that will beat prices at Chicago O’Hare. Whether you’re looking to save the most money possible or want to be very close to the airport, One Stop Parking offers a variety of off-site parking options.

Pride Airport Parking (ORD): Located only one mile from Chicago O’Hare airport, you can park at Pride Airport Parking for a smooth and easy way to save money. Not only will you save money with their affordable rate of only $13.95 per day of parking, but you’ll also get many other perks of parking here. This location offers free baggage assistance, an on-site car wash, and free shuttle service to and from the airport. Located only five blocks from the airport, you’ll be on your way to the airport terminal with just a quick shuttle ride. In addition, when you return, you’ll be glad you only have a quick ride back to your vehicle.

Crowne Plaza (ORD): Another great option for O’Hare airport parking is parking at the Crowne Plaza. This parking lot is located only a mile and a half from the airport! What’s great about this location is that they will not charge you extra to park a larger vehicle. For only $10.95 per day of parking, guests can park a car, pickup truck, large SUV, or full-size van, without additional charges. The Crowne Plaza hotel is located right by the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.

Best Western O’Hare: If the cheapest possible parking is your goal, Best Western O’Hare is the best option. This option has the cheapest daily parking rate of all O’Hare airport parking through One Stop Parking. For an unbeatable rate of only $6.68 per day of parking, save money on airport parking. This is a great way for travelers who need long-term parking to avoid a pricy parking bill. 

The only potential disadvantage of parking at Best Western O’Hare is the specific shuttle times. The free airport shuttle runs from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. If your flight departure or arrival times are throughout the middle of the night, you may want to consider another One Stop Parking option that offers a 24/7 shuttle service. However, if your travel times are between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., this parking option is for you! Not only is the Best Western the cheapest option for parking near O’hare airport, but it also has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.

Marriott Suites O’Hare (ORD)

Marriott Suites O’Hare is a great place to park for those with early flight times. Their free shuttle begins running at 5 a.m. every day, perfect for early flights. Located only three miles from Chicago O’Hare airport, this safe location costs only $12.95 per day. This is cheaper than the economy lot at $15 per day at O’Hare. You will be dropped off directly at the airport terminal, with no need to walk or catch another airport shuttle. Every thirty minutes the shuttle will be available to take you to the airport.

One Stop Parking

Since 2010, travelers have been saving tons of money on Chicago O’Hare airport parking with One Stop Parking. You can be the next budget-savvy traveler!