The Best Park and Fly Options for Calgary Airport

Calgary International Airport serves the Calgary, Alberta region within Canada. This airport is the third busiest airport in Canada, serving as a hub for Air Canada, Lynx Air, and West Jet. Given the large number of passengers they serve each year, there are tons of different places to park on-site at YYC airport. While there are all types of options, including economy parking lots, short-term parking, long-term parking, and more, parking on-site certainly is not affordable for most travelers.

Things to Consider for Parking near Calgary Airport

If you’re looking to save money on Calgary airport parking, consider reserving your parking spot online in advance. The rates are discounted for travelers who want to pay online in advance, offering discounts of up to 15%. In addition, Calgary airport used to offer free shuttle transportation which would take travelers from parking lots to the airport terminals. However, at this time, shuttle service has been suspended with no return date listed o the website. As such, you will need to walk with your luggage from your parking location at the airport terminal.

Though reserving your parking spot in advance will save you money, there is an even better way to save money for park and fly calgary. Keep reading below to learn more about a better solution for affordable Calgary airport parking.

Prices for Calgary Airport Parking

Long-term parkades p1 or p2 is located nearby the domestic and international airport terminals at YYC. However, these parking lots can quickly take a chunk out of your travel budget at a price of $27.95 per day of parking. If you reserve your parking space online in advance, you’ll get a slight discount and pay a rate of $23.76 per day of parking. These parking lots are only to be used for long-term daily parking, not for short-term parking.

A cheaper option, the economy parking lot, is located farther back from the terminals. While parking here will save you money per day, you’ll have a longer walk to the airport terminals. In addition, this economy parking lot may fill up. Parking at the YYC economy parking lot will cost $14.95 for a drive up, or $13.46 per day if you reserve a space online in advance of arrival.

Why Park at Hilton Garden Instead

Parking at the Hilton Garden Inn nearby to Calgary airport is a smart way to save money on airport parking. From start to finish, the process is simple and easy, eliminating travel hassles or additional stressors. When you reserve your parking online, you can pay in advance to make your travel day easier. One less thing to worry about! Plus, you’ll be guaranteed a parking spot instead of having to worry about the lot filling up.

On the day of your flight, all you need to do is select a parking spot and head inside to the front desk of the hotel. You do not need to be a hotel guest! The front desk staff are familiar with the One Stop Parking process and will be available to assist you. Show them your online confirmation and they will provide you with a parking tag. This parking tag lets hotel staff know you’re using their parking lot through One Stop Parking.

After you’ve checked in, the hotel staff will provide you with information on how to catch the free airport shuttle to take you to YYC. Shuttle service is available 24/7 and will leave from the front of the hotel on the top of every hour. Take note of the shuttle phone number so you can arrange for pick up on your way home. 

Another great thing about parking at Hilton Garden for parking near Calgary airport is its close proximity to YYC. When parking off-site, you don’t want to be too far away from the airport. The farther you are, the longer the shuttle ride you’ll have. The great news is this location is only ten minutes from the airport, so you’ll have a quick and easy shuttle ride. Plus, this hotel is located in a safe area.

Price and Reliability

Parking at the Hilton Garden hotel for Calgary airport parking will save you so much money compared to parking on-site at YYC. The price per day of parking is only $7.95! Comparatively, the cheapest option for park and fly Calgary is $14.95 for the economy parking lot. If you’re unable to locate a spot within the economy parking lot, other parking lots will cost you $27.95 per day of parking.

In addition to a huge price savings of almost 50%, parking at Hilton Garden Inn also provides assurance that your vehicle will be parked safely and securely while you’re away. After all, the last thing you want to do is return from a vacation or work trip to find your car has been damaged or broken into. Hilton Garden Inn has great reviews from past travelers, including top ratings for their parking lot condition, friendly hotel staff, and reliable shuttle transportation. 

Another thing to consider is that YYC is not currently offering shuttles from their parking lots to the terminals. If you don’t want to walk, choosing the Hilton Garden Inn is a great option. Not only will you save a ton of money on Calgary airport parking, but you’ll also get transportation right up to the airport parking. You won’t have to walk or lug heavy luggage around!

One Stop Parking Questions

Have more questions about how One Stop Parking works? Learn more about this exciting way to save money on Calgary airport parking!