FAT Parking Has Some Incredibly Affordable Options: Here’s How to Make It Easy

FAT, or Fresno Yosemite International Airport, is located in Central California, servicing both military and public flights. This airport is quite busy, serving almost two million passengers each year. Located near three major national parks, this airport draws in tourists from all over the world. This airport was formerly named Fresno Air Terminal, where it gets its “FAT” airport abbreviation.

Taking a flight out of FAT airport soon? If so, you will want to check out the parking map located on the Fresno Airport website. This map helps lay out exactly where travelers can park for their flight and how much it will cost. One thing to note is that some parking lots or garages at FAT only accept credit cards, so if you want to pay cash, you’ll want to head to a parking lot that accepts cash.

Airport Parking Considerations

When selecting where to park at an airport, every smart traveler should consider a few things beyond the daily parking price. First, it’s important to consider the safety and security of the parking lot you’ll be leaving your car in. Does this parking lot have a gate or surveillance? Does the parking lot seem clean, safe, and secure? Before you walk away from your vehicle, look around and consider these things so you can feel confident about eliminating damage or theft while you’re away.

Another thing to consider is availability. While you may have eyes on the economy parking lot for Fresno airport parking, it is possible you could arrive to find it is full for the day. If so, you’ll want a backup parking plan that you can still afford. After all, you don’t want to get stuck blowing your travel budget on expensive FAT parking!

How Parking at FAT Works

Like many airports, FAT offers a variety of on-site parking locations at varying prices. Each of these parking options charges a daily rate, which is determined by the number of days your vehicle is left parked in the lot. The cheapest option begins at $8 per day in the economy parking lot (credit card only). If the economy parking lot fills up, every other option to park at FAT will cost you $14 per day. Services for EV Car charging and ADA-accessible parking are also available if needed.

Where are Fresno Airport Parking Lots located?

Based on the parking map on the FAT website, travelers can determine which parking lot location is best for them. With the exception of the economy parking lot (located far away from the terminal), all the other parking lots or garages are about the same distance from the airport terminal. It should be noted that, unlike some other airports, Fresno does not offer an airport shuttle that runs from the parking lots to the terminals. Guests will need to walk with their luggage and bags to the airport.

Incredibly Affordable Options for Parking at Fresno Airport

As the name of this guide suggests, there are other options for parking at Fresno airport. If parking on-site for $8 or $14 per day is too costly for you, you’re in luck. Many incredibly affordable options for FAT parking are available, using One Stop Parking’s easy service. Using this innovative off-site parking solution, you can save money on airport parking, while ensuring your car is in a safe and secure location. 

3 Basic Steps to Using One Stop Parking

  1. The first step is to search! Using One Stop Parking’s online platform, all you need to do is enter your airport (FAT) and select which dates you need parking. The easy-to-use search platform will come up with a full list of nearby parking locations (using hotel parking lots) where you can park your car near the Fresno airport. During this search, users will be able to learn all the information needed about each parking location, such as distance from the airport, security, price, and more. One Stop Parking strives to keep our daily parking rates as low as possible, consistently beating the prices at Fresno Airport.
  1. Once you find your ideal parking location, reserve your parking spot online in advance. Customers can pay in advance online or over the phone, eliminating the extra hassle on the day of travel. Included in this price is a free airport shuttle that will take you from the parking lot to the airport terminal, and back to the parking lot when you return. If you have any questions, our friendly customer service staff will be happy to help you determine which parking location is best for your individual needs.
  1. On the day of your flight, arrive at your One Stop Parking location well in advance of your flight. On average, we recommend arriving at the airport at least two hours before your flight. This means you will want to be at your parking location before this, allowing time to ride the shuttle to the airport. When you arrive at your selected hotel parking location, check-in with the front-desk staff and hop aboard the airport shuttle. 

You will be provided a return phone number to call, which will arrange for a free shuttle to pick you up when you arrive back at Fresno airport.

Fresno Airport Parking: Affordable Options

One Stop Parking offers several affordable options for Fresno airport parking. The Wyndham Garden hotel, located directly across from the airport, is within walking distance! In just a five-minute walk, you’ll save so much money compared to parking at one of FAT’s parking locations. This parking lot will cost you only $3.95 per day of parking. Now, that’s an affordable parking option! Click here to learn more about parking at Wyndham Garden.

The Wyndham Garden is only one of the affordable options available to you by using One Stop Parking. Learn more about other parking locations for parking at Fresno airport.