Nashville Airport Parking Can Be Affordable if You Know Where to Park

Only true travel experts know how to save money on airport parking. Over the years, airport parking has become increasingly more expensive. Airports know that parking is a necessity, but this doesn’t mean travelers should have to overpay! If you’re wondering what the secret to affordable airport parking is, this Nashville guide is here to help. Although it may seem impossible with overpriced parking at airports to save money, you may be surprised to learn there are new options on the horizon to help you save money.

Want to save on Nashville airport parking for your next trip? Keep reading to learn some budget-savvy tips for affordable BNA parking.

No Traveler Wants to Overpay

For many people, traveling can become stressful as they think of the many expenses they’ll be faced with. Beyond airport parking and airfare itself, traveling comes with many other costs, both expected and unexpected. Expected costs such as lodging/hotels, food and drink, activity and recreation, and more, are often a large portion of a travel budget. Depending on how many people are traveling (families, couples, etc) this can quickly add up. Not to mention, there are many unforeseen expenses that arise when traveling. Travelers must leave money in their budget to handle unexpected expenses.

Given these many expenses, overpaying on something as simple as airport parking is simply unnecessary. Save as much money as you can by using One Stop Parking’s safe locations for parking nearby to BNA. Below, we’ll explain how One Stop Parking works to help you get started saving money on airport parking.

How Much Is It to Park at BNA?

Before we dive into ways to save on Nashville airport parking, we must first explain what we’re comparing to. When it comes to parking at BNA, travelers have several options to consider. Prices will vary quite a bit throughout the airport property, depending on the amenities for parking available and the location of the airport terminal. However, you can expect prices to range from around $16 per day to upwards of $36 per day. 

Economy Parking Lot A or B

Parking in either economy parking lot A or B is the cheapest available parking on-site at BNA airport. Both of these parking lots will cost you $16 per day. As these are the cheapest parking lots on-site at the airport, they may fill up. You can check the % of remaining parking spots by looking online at the Nashville International Airport website. You may also track the terminal buses through the website, to check when the next one is coming.

While these parking lots will save you money compared to other airport parking Nashville has to offer, you will need to ride the terminal bus to get to the airport. They are not located within walking distance. If you choose to park at either of these locations, we recommend leaving lots of extra time to allow for the shuttle ride and to find a spot throughout the hectic parking lots.

Walk to the Terminal

If both economy parking lots are full, the next best bet is to park at Terminal Lot A. This parking lot is more likely to fill up, plus, it costs more at $18 per day. When you park here, you will have to walk to the terminal, as the shuttle bus is not offered from this location. If you’re looking to save money, spending $18 a day on parking is not the way to do it.

Cheaper Alternatives for Airport Parking Nashville

At $16 per day, you can expect to pay over $100 for a 7-day trip. Not to mention, you won’t even get the added benefits of parking nearby to your terminal. To make your life easier, there are other parking options that offer a much better value. For less than half of this BNA parking, travelers looking to save money should learn the best-kept secret of One Stop Parking. Once you try parking with this program, you will never go back to paying for overpriced airport parking!

Most Popular Selections for Nashville Airport Parking

Not sure where to start when selecting affordable Nashville airport parking? Below are some of the top-rated One Stop Parking locations that have received excellent user reviews. Choosing any one of these locations will help you save money on airport parking and help you save money for more important travel expenses.

Only 1.5 Miles from BNA

Both the Avid Hotel and Cambria Hotel are located 1.5 miles or less from BNA, which means you’ll be on the free shuttle for only a couple of minutes. This is great when you’re returning from a long flight, as the last thing you want to do is have even more travel time to get back to your car! Either of these two parking locations will cost you only $4.95 per day of parking, less than ⅓ of the price of economy parking at BNA.

These two top-rated parking locations have received excellent reviews (4.7 out of 5 stars) from past users and provide a safe, reliable parking spot nearby to the airport. Included in the price of your parking reservation is the free, reliable shuttle for transportation to the airport. The shuttle will also come back after your flight to bring you right back to your parking spot!

Closer with 24/7 Shuttle Access

If your flight arrives or departs in off-hours, you may want to select a One Stop Parking location with a 24/7 shuttle included. For example, the Radisson (BNA) is located slightly closer to the airport, only one mile from BNA. Parking at the Radisson will cost you $9.95 per day. At that price, you will get 24/7 free shuttle access, so you can have reliable transportation to the airport no matter when your flight is. This price is still a fraction of the cost of BNA parking!

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