Richmond Airport Parking Guide

Richmond airport parking

Hey there, travel enthusiasts! Headed to Richmond and dreading the whole airport parking situation? We get it. Between wrangling luggage, navigating security lines, and that ever-present fear of missing your flight, parking can feel like the cherry on top of a stressful sundae. But fear not, fellow adventurer! This guide will have you navigating Richmond Airport parking like a pro.

Richmond Airport Parking: On-Site

Alright, so you’ve decided to stick with the convenience of on-site parking. Richmond International Airport offers two main options: daily parking and valet parking.

Daily parking is your classic “park it yourself” situation. It’s perfect for travelers on a budget (think weekend getaways or business trips) with rates averaging around $12 a day. The North and South parking garages are just a short walk from the terminal, so you won’t have to break a sweat lugging your suitcase a mile.

Now, if you’re feeling fancy (or just short on time), valet parking might be your jam. For a cool $25 a day, you can roll up in style and have the friendly folks at Richmond Airport take care of your car. Think of it as a pre-trip stress reliever – more time to grab a coffee and mentally prepare for your adventure, less time maneuvering through a crowded parking lot.

Ultimately, the on-site option that suits you best depends on your priorities. Need to save some cash? Daily parking is your friend. Want to maximize convenience and feel like a VIP? Valet parking awaits! But Richmond Airport parking fees add up quickly, so check out what we have in store below for a more economical approach…

Richmond Airport Parking: Off-Site

Alright, so on-site parking isn’t your vibe, and that’s totally cool! Here’s where the magic of off-site parking comes in. These guys offer fantastic rates and can save you a pretty penny compared to on-site options. This is a great option especially when you are considering long term parking at Richmond airport. OneStopParking has created a super handy platform where you can book your parking near Richmond Airport in the most convenient way possible.

Let’s dive in! First up, we have the DoubleTree by Hilton Richmond Airport (RIC). They boast a super convenient shuttle service running every 30 minutes from 5 am to midnight to get you to the airport. Plus, they even offer on-demand pick-up upon your return within those hours – major win for late-night flyers! Their daily rate sits at a sweet $5.95, and they won’t charge extra for those with full-size vans or larger vehicles. Bonus points for being just a mile away from the airport!

The Sheraton Richmond Airport is another fantastic choice. They come in slightly closer than the DoubleTree, clocking in at just half a mile from the terminal. Their shuttles run on the same schedule (every 30 minutes from 5 am to midnight) with on-demand pick-up at the airport, and their daily rate is a touch higher at $6.95.

Craving the most budget-friendly option? The Best Western might be your champion. Their daily rate is the lowest of the bunch at $4.95, and their shuttles run from the crack of dawn (4:30 am) to midnight every 30 minutes. Keep in mind, though, that they’re also located a mile from the airport.

Finally, the Rodeway Inn offers the most basic option. While their daily rate is a decent $5.50, they don’t have a shuttle service. This means you’ll need to factor in the cost of a taxi or ride-sharing service to get to the airport, which might eat into the savings.

So, there you have it, folks! From luxurious convenience to straight-up budget-friendly options, Richmond offers a variety of off-site parking choices to suit your travel style and wallet.