How To Make A Smart Choice On PDX Airport Parking

pdx airport parking

Portland International Airport (PDX) offers over 500 domestic and international flights each day. Serving approximately 19 to 20 million passengers each year, this airport accounts for 90% of Oregon’s airport travel. The airport spans about 3,000 acres, making it a moderate-sized commercial airport. The biggest airlines that fly out of Portland International Airport are Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines.

As you plan your trip departure from PDX, you’ll find that PDX offers several different on-site parking options for travelers to choose from. In this article, we’ll break down each of these options and the cost, and compare other options to help you make the smartest choice on PDX airport parking. We’ll compare options for on-site parking at PDX to options available at nearby hotel parking lots.


Options for PDX Airport Parking

Making an informed decision to help you save money starts with understanding the options available to you. Portland International Airport offers four options for on-site parking, which vary in price. Travelers can view the parking availability in real-time via the PDX airport website. Depending on what dates and times you travel, the availability of some of the following options may be limited.

Short-Term Parking: Short-term parking is ideally meant for only a few hours. Typically, parking in short-term parking lots is not recommended for longer trips. While the hourly rate of only $3 per hour seems reasonable for an hour or two, daily parking in this short-term parking location can quickly add up. Daily parking in PDX’s short-term lot will cost you a hefty $27 per day. This option is a covered parking garage and is also one of PDX’s largest parking areas available.

Long-Term Parking: Located directly next to the short-term parking garage, the long-term parking garage at PDX offers daily parking for $24 per day. This parking location is also a covered parking garage. It is within walking distance of the airport terminals when you use the North and South tunnel walkways. If you need an electric vehicle charging station, this parking location does offer 10 stations on level 2 of the garage.

Economy Parking: PDX’s most affordable parking location on-site is in their Economy lot. This economy lot features almost 8,000 public spaces which cost $12 per day. Parking here is far more affordable than the option mentioned above, however, it is uncovered, outdoor parking. This is also not within walking distance of the airport terminal, which means travelers must board the free parking shuttle to get to the departure terminal.

Valet Parking: PDX offers valet parking options for those who want assistance parking their car. This will cost you $35 per day or $10 per hour.

Given these available parking options for PDX, making a smart choice will depend on your personal needs. As with many airports, the daily parking rates can get expensive, especially if you will be gone for at least a week. Many PDX travelers get stuck overpaying for these on-site parking options, as they fail to prepare in advance. When trying to rush to catch their flight, these travelers don’t have much of a choice other than to park in these pricy parking lots.

A Smarter Choice for Parking near PDX Airport

Don’t want to be that traveler that gets stuck overpaying for airport parking? Prepare in advance and choose a smarter choice for more affordable PDX airport parking. In addition, another reason people default to parking at PDX is that they are not aware of any better way. Once you learn the secret of One Stop Parking, you won’t go back!

Holiday Inn (PDX)

Saving money is easy when you park at Holiday Inn (PDX). This hotel location (2.00 miles from the airport) shares its parking lot with One Stop Parking customers. If you want to save money, you can park here for only $4.95 per day. Compared to the economy parking at PDX, that’s over a 50% savings.

When you park here, a hotel shuttle will take you to the airport (runs every 20 minutes). Ultimately, this shuttle ride is no longer than the shuttle you’d need to take if you parked in PDX’s economy lot. Not only will you save money on your parking, but you’ll also ensure a guaranteed parking space by placing a reservation online ahead of time.

AirPark Portland Airport Parking

If choosing an airport parking location with advanced security is of interest to you, check out AirPark Portland Airport Parking. Priced at $11.99 per day, this is the same cost as you’d pay for parking at the Economy lot. However, this offers several advantages.

To begin with, you’ll park in a safer, smaller parking lot where your vehicle is less likely to be damaged. You’ll get more reliable shuttle service. Plus, this parking location has 24/7 surveillance cameras and staff on site. Many customer reviews indicate that this location has a very reliable shuttle service. In comparison, many PDX travelers have noted that the Economy Lot shuttle at the airport is slow and unreliable.

Switch to One Stop Parking

All it takes is one trip using a One Stop Parking location to see how easy it is to make a smart choice. In addition to several PDX parking locations, One Stop Parking partners with dozens of airports throughout the United States and Canada. No matter where you choose to depart from, you can count on affordable parking with One Stop Parking.

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