The Best Places to Eat At JFK Airport

New York City’s John F. Kennedy airport is a hub for domestic and international travel. As one of the busiest airports in the US, many travelers will find themselves passing through JFK at some point in their travels.

While waiting to board your next flight, you’ll likely find yourself looking for a bite to eat. We all know that trying to navigate a terminal to find a delicious meal can be a tall order at any airport. 

Across all six terminals, you’ll find everything from your typical fast-food restaurants to fine dining. If you’re looking for unique eats, you’ll find no shortage of food options at one of the largest airports in the country.

So whether you’re looking for something to grab and go or hoping to sit down to a full-service meal, here are some of our top picks for your next departure out of JFK.

Best places to eat in Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is typically used for domestic flights within the United States. In Terminal 1 you’ll also find a good selection of fast food chains, including Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and McDonald’s as well as other grab-and-go options. Here are some of our top picks.

Eat & Go Istanbul (Gates 5-7, after security): A tasty selection of Middle Eastern and Turkish grab-and-go meals, as well as sweets and pastries.

Soho Bites (Gate 3, after security): Contemporary and casual fare inspired by New York’s Soho neighborhood, for one last taste of NYC before take off.

Soy & Sake (Gate 6, after security): An Asian-inspired menu including dumplings and ramen.

The LOCAL (Gate 4, after security): Enjoy a cocktail and wings at this classic American-style restaurant.

Best places to eat in Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is only used by Delta Airlines. It’s also home to several fantastic restaurants to sit back and relax before your next flight.

BKLYN Beer Garden (Gate 67, after security): Say cheers before your flight with a massive beer and food menu.

Croque Madame (Gate 62-63, after security): Enjoy a sandwich or a crepe at this French-inspired restaurant and bar.

Due Amici (Gate 62, after security): Pasta-focused menu in a modern space where you can order your meal on a tablet at your table.

Shiso (Gate 64, after security): Enjoy a couple of  sushi rolls before take off. Early flight? Shiso also serves a breakfast and brunch menu.

Tagliare (Gate 67, after security): Grab a slice of pizza when you need an on-the-go option that’s actually hot.

Best places to eat in Terminal 4

A lot of international flights arrive at Terminal 4. You’ll find some great selections of international cuisines and food options in this terminal.

Blue Point Brewery (Gate 33, after security): Enjoy a beer at this local New York brewery’s airport location.

Mi Casa Cantina (Gate B23, after security): Sit down to a couple of tacos or grab a burrito to go at this Mexican eatery.

The Palm Bar and Grille (Retail hall, after security): This All-American classic steakhouse feels right at home at JFK.

Uptown Brasserie (Gate B32, after security): You won’t even feel like you’re in an airport as you enjoy the classic American menu at Uptown Brasserie.

Best places to eat in Terminal 5 

If you’re flying Jet Blue or other domestic airlines, you might find yourself flying out of Terminal 5. Being the newest terminal, Terminal 5 features a Food Court with one of the largest quick eats selections at JFK.

5ive Steak (Marketplace, after security): Steaks, burgers, and even sushi are all on the menu at this popular JFK spot.

AeroNuova (Marketplace, after security): Enjoy contemporary Italian fare at this modern restaurant.

Artichoke Pizza (Food hall, after security): Find the famous NY Artichoke pizza at this counter-style pizza joint. 

Baked By Melissa (Marketplace, after security): A classic NY stop for a sweet treat, grab a cupcake to take with you on your flight.

Best places to eat in Terminal 7

Terminal 7 at JFK is primarily used by passengers traveling with British Airways. While there are fewer food options here than at most of the other terminals, there are still a few great options.

Apartment 7B (Food court, after security): The classic New York deli finds a home at Apartment 7B with grab-and-go sandwiches.

Brooklyn Rebel (Food court, after security): Brooklyn Rebel serves personal pizzas and sandwiches from a takeout counter that pays homage to street food trucks.

Le Grand Comptoir (Food court, after security): Enjoy a glass of wine and a charcuterie board or choose from the French-inspired menu.

True Burger (Gate 6, after security): As the name suggests, customized burgers are the star of the menu at this Terminal 7 takeout spot.

Best places to eat in Terminal 8 

Terminal 8 is the biggest terminal at JFK. Not only does it have a wide selection, it offers some of the best restaurants in the airport.

Abitino’s Pizza (Food court, after security):  Enjoy a taste of Italy with quick and convenient Italian fare. The menu features pizza, pasta, and sandwiches.

Bobby Van’s Grill (Main Terminal, after security): A contemporary steakhouse for a sit-down pre-flight meal.

Cascata Restaurant and Bar (Concourse C Gate 34, after security): A bistro-styled menu that includes light fare and a full wine menu.

O’Neals’ Restaurant (Concourse B, after security): Grab a beer and enjoy your classic pub and comfort foods. 

Soho Bistro (Concourse C, after security): A diner-style bar, perfect for breakfast or quick meal before your next flight.

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