Where To Find Affordable Parking Near JFK

New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is one of the busiest airports in North America. Located just outside of Manhattan, this airport serves all of NYC’s five boroughs, as well as much of North Jersey. JFK offers both domestic and international flights out of several airport terminals. Due to the proximity to NYC,  JFK airport charges some hefty prices for airport parking on-site.

Finding affordable airport parking is not always easy. Going away long-term? You can expect parking at JFK to add up, given the expensive daily parking and weekly parking rates. However, finding affordable parking near JFK is not impossible.  Once you know the secret to affordable JFK parking, you’ll have it in your back pocket every time you travel!

Below, we’ll explore the reality of how much it will cost you to park at JFK airport. In addition, we’ll highlight the most affordable locations to find parking near JFK.

The Real Prices of JFK Parking

Finding affordable parking begins with an understanding of the current JFK parking rates. As previously mentioned, its location in a major city makes parking at JFK far more expensive than other airports, located in more suburban areas.  With limited space and many passengers to serve, JFK charges quite a bit for even economy parking options.

The cheapest parking JFK offers on-site is the Economy Parking Lot/Long-Term Parking Lot 9. Each day will cost $20 to park. From there, JFK offers several upgraded parking options, all of which cost at least $36 per day.  As you can see, parking for departures from John F. Kennedy quickly adds up. If you want to save money, you’ll need to consider one of the many other great parking facilities surrounding the airport.

Popular Parking near JFK for Amazing Savings

OneStopParking understands that every traveler’s priorities and needs vary. As such, many parking options with different amenities are offered for unbeatable savings.  Start with some of these exciting spots for parking near JFK.

  1. Crowne Plaza (JFK) Parking at the Crowne Plaza (JFK) offers many amenities. To begin with, travelers are offered a 24/7 free shuttle service to JFK airport. Reserving your space online is simple. Visit OneStopParking.com, select your travel dates, select Crowne Plaza (JFK), and pre-pay for your parking in advance. Crowne Plaza is located only 1.7 miles from the airport, so you can expect your shuttle ride to be under ten minutes.

Crowne Plaza also includes valet parking at the rate of $18.70 per day of parking. Don’t worry about parking your car, a friendly attendant will do it for you! This premium parking lot is well-maintained and offers high-quality shuttles that consistently arrive on time. If you’re parking a vehicle that is larger than a standard sedan, you may be charged a daily oversized vehicle fee. Don’t worry about additional Uber or Lyft charges with this easy parking location!

  1. JFK EconoPark JFK EconoPark offers one of the most affordable options for JFK parking. Located only a mile and a half from JFK airport,  parking at the JFK EconoPark is not much different than parking on-site at the airport. The only difference is it will only cost you a fraction of the cost! The daily parking rate at JFK EconoPark is only $8.99 per day! Included in your parking reservation is free shuttle transportation for up to four people, perfect for groups and families. You may take any luggage on board the free airport shuttle as well.

If you have so much fun on your trip and want to stay longer, no worries! JFK EconoPark is flexible and can extend your parking reservation if needed. You’ll need to call their phone number to extend your reservation.

  1. Aardwolf Parking (JFK) Some JFK travelers prefer to be as close to the airport as possible. The Aardwolf Parking lot is the closest option to JFK, located only a mile away from the terminals. Not only is this parking location very close to the airport, but it is also one of the most secure. This facility features a gated parking lot, with both 24/7 video surveillance and a staff member on-site at all times. Shuttle service for four people is included in your parking reservation.

Need to park a vehicle larger than a standard car? Minivans and mid-size SUVs will cost an additional $3 per day, trucks and large SUVs will cost an additional $5 per day, and larger vehicles will cost an additional $7 per day.

  1. Purchase Park 2 Fly (JFK) Another location that offers 24/7 shuttle service is the Purchase Park 2 Fly lot. This location has staff on-site 24/7, watching for suspicious activities and ensuring the safety of all vehicles. There is also a fence to keep trespassers away from parked vehicles. Parking at Purchase Park 2 Fly will cost $20.99 per day.  

This location is known for superior customer service that makes traveling out of JFK simple and smooth. The friendly staff is also available to provide luggage assistance, if necessary.
Looking for a different parking amenity that these four locations may not offer? Travelers can explore the full list of OneStop Parking locations near JFK online. Have a question about specific travel information not listed on the location’s page? We’re always looking to help you! Visit the bottom of our web page and select “Contact Us”. Here, you’ll find ways to reach out to us to answer your specific JFK parking questions.