Top 10 Hikes in the Northeast, USA

best hikes in the northeast

The Northeastern United States is a treasure trove of natural beauty, offering some of the best hiking experiences in the country. From rugged mountain trails to serene forest paths, there’s something for every outdoor enthusiast to explore. Here are the top 10 hikes in the Northeast, each promising unforgettable adventures amidst breathtaking landscapes.



Best Hikes in the Northeast


1. Acadia National Park, Maine

best hikes in the northeast

Nestled along Maine’s rugged coastline, Acadia National Park is a hiker’s paradise. With over 120 miles of trails, ranging from easy strolls to challenging climbs, Acadia offers stunning vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and picturesque landscapes. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the sunrise from the summit of Cadillac Mountain, the highest peak on the East Coast.


2. White Mountains, New Hampshire

The White Mountains of New Hampshire boast some of the most dramatic peaks in the Northeast. From the iconic Mount Washington to the picturesque Franconia Notch, there are trails for hikers of all levels. Traverse the Franconia Ridge Loop for panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and peaks, or explore the tranquil forests of Crawford Notch State Park.


3. Adirondack Mountains, New York

Encompassing over six million acres of wilderness, the Adirondack Mountains offer endless opportunities for outdoor exploration. Hike to the summit of Mount Marcy, the highest peak in New York, for breathtaking views of the surrounding lakes and mountains. Or, explore the pristine forests and crystal-clear streams of the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area.


4. Green Mountains, Vermont

Vermont’s Green Mountains are a haven for hikers, with their lush forests and panoramic vistas. The Long Trail, which stretches the length of the state, offers challenging treks through some of Vermont’s most stunning landscapes. For a memorable experience, hike to the summit of Mount Mansfield, the highest peak in Vermont, for sweeping views of the Champlain Valley.


5. Catskill Mountains, New York

Just a few hours from New York City, the Catskill Mountains offer a peaceful retreat for hikers seeking solitude in nature. Explore the network of trails in the Catskill Park, home to iconic peaks like Slide Mountain and Giant Ledge. Or, hike to the summit of Overlook Mountain for panoramic views of the Hudson Valley.


6. Mahoosuc Notch, Maine/New Hampshire

Straddling the border between Maine and New Hampshire, the Mahoosuc Range is home to some of the most rugged terrain in the Northeast. Hike the Mahoosuc Notch, known as the “hardest mile on the Appalachian Trail,” for a thrilling adventure through boulder caves and narrow passages.


7. Baxter State Park, Maine

Tucked away in northern Maine, Baxter State Park is a remote wilderness area known for its rugged beauty. Hike to the summit of Mount Katahdin, the highest peak in Maine, for breathtaking views of the surrounding wilderness. Or, explore the park’s network of trails, which wind through pristine forests and crystal-clear lakes.


8. Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Located in eastern Pennsylvania, the Lehigh Valley offers a variety of hiking opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Explore the picturesque trails along the Lehigh River, which wind through scenic woodlands and past historic landmarks. Don’t miss the opportunity to hike the Appalachian Trail, which passes through the Lehigh Valley on its journey from Georgia to Maine.


9. Franconia Ridge, New Hampshire

The Franconia Ridge in the heart of the White Mountains is a spectacular alpine ridge offering some of the best hiking in New England. The Franconia Ridge Loop Trail is a challenging but rewarding hike that traverses several peaks, including Mount Lafayette and Mount Lincoln, offering panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and valleys.


10. Letchworth State Park, New York

Known as the “Grand Canyon of the East,” Letchworth State Park in New York offers breathtaking scenery and world-class hiking opportunities. Explore the park’s extensive trail system, which winds through lush forests, past stunning waterfalls, and along towering cliffs. Don’t miss the opportunity to hike the Gorge Trail, which offers stunning views of the Genesee River Gorge.


Whether you’re seeking a challenging mountain climb or a leisurely stroll through scenic woodlands, the Northeast offers a wealth of hiking opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. So lace up your boots, grab your backpack, and embark on an adventure to explore the natural beauty of this stunning region.


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