Airport Parking at RDU is Finally Affordable

RDU, also known as the Raleigh-Durham International Airport, features service to 42 cities with an average of 180 daily departures. A mid-sized airport at around 5,000 acres, this airport has about 45 different gates. Like all mid-to-large-sized airports, RDU offers several parking options for travelers, at varying rates. 

Over the last couple of years, parking at the RDU airport has gotten more expensive. In late 2021, the airport was struggling with full parking lots due to the surge in post-COVID-19 and holiday travel. Many travelers were surprised to see the parking rates seem to get higher and higher every time they return.

Did you know that parking at RDU is finally affordable? With new parking options such as One Stop Parking locations, saving money on your next trip is easy. Keep reading to learn more about RDU airport parking options. You may be surprised to learn there are more than you thought!

Parking at RDU

The Raleigh-Durham International Airport offers several parking lots on the property. The most expensive option, known as Park RDU Premier, is $25 per day. The premier parking is the most expensive as it is located directly next to the airport terminals.

The second most expensive option, known as RDU central, is located at a centralized spot within the airport property. The rate is $17 per day to park at RDU central lot. There are also several economy parking lots located on the RDU airport property. These are $11 per day, but often fill up on certain days of the week or at specific hours.

RDU allows for both advanced parking reservations and day-of parking options. In addition, you may find that prices will fluctuate or go up in busy travel seasons.

Raleigh Airport Parking in Economy Lots

At $11 per day, the average 10-day vacation will cost you $111. That’s a lot of money to spend on parking! For many travelers, this added expense adds yet another expense to their travel plans. The good news is that parking at RDU is finally affordable with One Stop Parking locations.  

Why Choose One Stop Parking for RDU 

One Stop Parking offers a wide selection of affordable and accessible parking locations at many major airports. Nearby the Raleigh-Durham Airport, One Stop Parking offers five affordable locations using the parking lots of safe hotels.

Instead of parking on-site, park at a local hotel and hop aboard a free shuttle that will take you to the airport. If you’re thinking, “how will I get back to my car when I come home?” One Stop Parking has that covered too. A free return shuttle is included in your daily parking rate.  

Things to Consider when Selecting RDU Parking

Raleigh airport parking can take some time to figure out, so advanced preparation is always a good idea. On the day of your travel, you’ll already have enough things to remember. Selecting One Stop Parking locations can be completed and reserved ahead of your departure date, making the day-of process as simple as can be!

Not only will you know exactly where to go to find parking, but you won’t be left scrambling or driving around looking for spaces. Parking lots on-site for RDU airport parking can get full or simply confusing! One Stop Parking takes the hassle and stress out of finding where to park.

As you determine which hotel parking location to choose, consider the following:

1.  What time does your flight arrive and depart? Does this match up with the free parking lot shuttle hours?

2.  How close (in miles or time) do you want your parking location to be from RDU?

3.  Are you willing to take a slightly longer shuttle ride to save extra money on your daily parking rate?

4.  Are you parking a standard vehicle or an oversized van or truck?

Each One Stop Parking location provides these important details on their individual hotel page. Be sure to carefully read through the details of each location to help you find one that best suits your needs. 

RDU Airport Parking with One Stop Parking

Cheapest RDU Airport Parking

Want the ultimate savings on your RDU parking? The Cambria Hotels & Suites offer affordable parking for cars, vans, and pick-up trucks. Located only one mile from the airport, this shuttle ride from this hotel to the airport is quick and easy. For only $5.95 per day, park your car at about half the price of the RDU economy parking!

Best For: The best possible price for RDU airport parking

Not Recommended For: Specific flight times, travelers needing disability accessible services

This One Stop Parking location is best for travelers with departing and arriving flights that are not between the hours of midnight and 4:30 am. The free shuttle runs to and from the airport during all other times of the day. In addition, this shuttle is not ADA accessible.

Closest RDU Airport Parking

If being close to the airport is a priority, the Microtel Inn & Suites (RDU) may be a better option for you. Located only 1.5 miles from RDU, you’ll only be on the shuttle for minutes as you head to the airport. Not only is this One Stop Parking location one of the closest, but it’s also still affordable! At a rate of $6.95 per night, this still beats the cheapest RDU significantly!

Best For: Anyone who wants to park very close to airport
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