Parking at SDF Can Be Cheaper Than You Think

Parking at SDF

Flying out of SDF? Louisville International Airport, recently renamed Louisville Muhammed Ali Airport, features flights from many major airlines. Compared to other major airports, this airport is on the smaller side. The most common departing flights from Lousiville head to Atlanta, Charlotte, or Dallas/Fort Worth. No matter where your end destination lies, overpaying on parking at the airport is avoidable! Parking at SDF can be cheaper than you think.

In this article, we’ll break down the options for on-site parking at SDF Airport and offer cheaper, off-site parking options to choose from. After reading this article, you’ll have everything you need to find the cheapest parking near SDF before your trip.

On Site Parking at Louisville Airport

Several on site parking lots and garages are available at SDF airport. These vary in availability depending on the time of day and month and day of year.

The cheapest option is $9 per day, which is located in a large surface parking lot. At a rate of $9 per day, you can park your car throughout the duration of your trip. This is a large lot and it can certainly be easy to forget where you parked. After a long vacation, you’ll have quite the walk through a large lot of cars to find your spot!

For an extra dollar per day of parking, ($10 per day), travelers can park at the premium parking lot. This parking lot is within walking distance of the terminals. However, you will have to carry or pull your heavy luggage through the parking lot! Other options for parking in the garage increase in price, at $14 per day for the garage or $24 for valet parking services.

Worried about Leaving your Car at Louisville Airport?

Some travelers worry about parking their car at the airport, as airport lots are often targeted by criminals. Although their lots are lit and have 24-hour surveillance, the airport is not liable for anything that may happen to your car while you’re away. If you’re looking for a safer, more reliable parking lot while you’re away, keep reading to learn about options for parking offered by One Stop Parking. Not only will you reduce the risk for criminal activity around your car, but you’ll save money on your daily parking rate!

Parking Near Louisville Airport

If you’re not interested in parking on site at SDF, there are many other options for parking near Louisville airport. One Stop Parking is a unique service that partners with safe, nearby hotels to use their parking lot as airport parking! So, what is the benefit of using this service as opposed to SDF parking?

  • Unlike airport parking lots, hotel parking lots are far less busy. The fewer cars going in and out throughout the duration of your trip limits the chances for accidental damages or accidents involving your parked vehicle. In addition, hotel parking lots generally have more people around than very large parking lots. In turn, using a One Stop Parking location can help provide assurance for your car’s safety while you’re away.
  • Saving money is one of the primary reasons smart travelers choose One Stop Parking. You’ll never overpay for parking with the unbeatable pricing. Offering competitive rates, you’ll save money on the per-day parking rate when compared to SDF parking.
  •  Free shuttle to and from the airport! Many travelers worry that choosing an off-site parking location will leave them stranded, struggling to find transportation to the airport. One Stop Parking includes a free shuttle both to and from the airport, included in the price of your parking. This means a smooth travel day, without additional expenses!
  • Free cancellations, always! We understand that travel plans and itineraries are subject to change. Unlike other parking lots, we offer free cancellations at any time.

Airport Parking Louisville Kentucky

Holiday Inn Express Louisville Airport (SDF)

The nearby Holiday Inn offers airport parking in Louisville, Kentucky for a super affordable price! This is one of One Stop Parking’s most popular partners. At only $4.45 per day of parking, you can safely park your car without breaking the bank. This is great for long trips, where travelers worry about a large parking bill due to the number of days.

This parking location offers a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport from 7 am to 7 pm. As such, you want to make sure your flight arrival and departure times will line up with the shuttle service. This safe hotel parking location is the best deal for parking near Louisville airport. Past travelers that have parked at Holiday Inn Express Louisville Airport have ranked parking at this location a solid 4.4 out 5 stars.

Hampton Inn (SDF)

This Hampton Inn parking location is basically next door to the airport! Located only 0.2 miles from the airport, SDF travelers can safely park here for $7.50 per day. You’ll have a super speedy shuttle to get to and from the airport. When you’re tired from a long flight, this will be news to your ears! While this location is more expensive than the Holiday Inn Express listed above, it still beats the parking rates on-site at SDF ($9 to $10 per day).

This parking location is best for travelers or groups that have off-hour flights. The free shuttle runs 24/7 to take you to and from the airport, no matter what time you need it. If you want a reliable and safe parking lot, the Hampton Inn near SDF is an excellent choice. This One Stop Parking location was ranked an amazing 4.8 out of 5 stars from past One Stop Parking users.

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