Toronto Airport Cheap Parking Guide: How to Park for Less

With its airport code-named after the Canadian National Railway, Toronto Pearson Airport, or YYZ, is the largest and busiest airport in Canada! The “Pearson” part of this airport’s name refers to Lester B. Pearson, the 14th Prime Minister of Canada.

This huge airport is located about 14 miles northwest of downtown Toronto, a place that is booming with tourism. In 2019, this airport serviced over 50 million passengers! Toronto Pearson Airport is a hub for both domestic and international flights, serving millions of passengers each year. Planning a trip from Toronto Pearson Airport? If so, keep reading this parking guide for tips and tricks to save on parking. 

What to Expect When Looking for Toronto Airport Cheap Parking

From long-term self-parking to valet parking services, Toronto Pearson offers many parking options for travelers departing from Toronto. If you’re not careful, parking on-site at YYZ can quickly get pricy. This guide will break down every option for parking near Pearson airport to help you find an affordable parking spot that meets your needs. 

For travelers looking for the ultimate savings, consider parking off-site at a safe parking location nearby to Toronto Airport, using One Stop Parking. Below, we’ll explore options for Toronto Park’N’Fly at Toronto Pearson Airport and also offer suggestions for affordable One Stop Parking locations/.

Value Parking at Pearson Airport- Best Values On-Site

Toronto Pearson offers several value parking lots, with the option for both covered and uncovered parking. All parking options offer the option for travelers to reserve online in advance if desired.

  • Value Park Garage

Their first economy option is called the “value park garage” which offers covered parking (except the rooftop level). This is a long-term parking garage, offering the best on-site value for longer stays. Each day of parking in the value park garage costs $29 (CAD). This parking lot will require travelers to hop on the Terminal Link train, which takes you from the parking lot to the airport terminals.

  • Value Park Lot

Another option for Toronto airport cheap parking is the “value park lot”. Unlike the value park garage listed above, this parking location is uncovered. As such, the rate is slightly cheaper than the covered parking garage. Parking in the value parking lot will cost you $24 per day (CAD). This location is also $5 less than the value park garage as it is farther from the airport terminals. The Terminal Link train is offered, however, the ride is far longer. You can expect to be on the Terminal Link train for about 15 minutes to get to the airport terminals.

  • Viscount Station Reserved Parking Lot

This uncovered parking lot is the closest outdoor lot to the airport terminals. It is uncovered and requires advanced reservations. Pricing for this location will vary, depending on what day and how long you’ll be parked. The earlier you book, the better rates you’re likely to find at this economy parking lot. As with other parking options at Toronto Pearson airport, you’ll also need to ride the Terminal Link train for about 6 to 12 minutes to reach the airport terminals.

Parking Closest to Departure Gate

Some travelers may prefer to choose parking locations that are closest to the departure terminal for their flight. However, you can expect these rates to be significantly higher for daily parking. The daily parking lots, located near Terminal 1 or Terminal 3, costs $36 daily. This option is good for those wanting to be near their gate and who seek covered parking. Both of these parking options do not require the use of the Terminal Link train, as they are located within a 5-minute walk of the terminals.

Several other parking options are available for Toronto park’n’fly, however, they are all more expensive than the suggested economy options. Valet services are available, as well.

How to Park for Less

As you can see, parking at Toronto Pearson airport can quickly become pricy. Even the cheapest option, at $24 CAD per day is a lot to spend on parking! If you want to park for less, consider parking at a nearby hotel to Toronto Pearson airport. One Stop Parking offers six reliable and safe parking solutions, partnering with local hotels to share their parking lot. 

Depending on the lot you choose, these parking options range from $4.99 CAD to $18.95 CAD per day of parking. Even at the most expensive option, these parking options are far more affordable than parking on airport property. Check out some of the best options for parking near Pearson airport below:

Cheapest Parking near Pearson Airport: Parking at the Nu Hotel is the most affordable parking location near Toronto Pearson Airport. At just $4.99 CAD per parking day, you’ll save almost 80% on daily parking costs when compared to the cheapest economy lot at Toronto Pearson ($24 CAD per day. A free, 24/7 shuttle is also included in the price, taking you to the airport and back to your car when you return. This super-affordable parking lot is located only half a mile from the airport! 

Valet Parking to your Terminal: Don’t want to take a shuttle service to the airport? Try Parking with Park for U Toronto instead. This unique service offers valet parking service from the lot to your specific departure terminal. To use this service, you’ll arrive at the parking lot, where a trusted driver will be assigned to your car. They will drive your car to YYZ airport, dropping you off at your terminal. You won’t have to worry about walking through the entire airport! The driver will return to the parking lot and park your car while you’re away. The same procedure applies when you return from your trip. At only $11.95 per day of parking, this option is a no-brainer to save both time and money on parking near Toronto airport.

Check out more locations for Toronto Parking through One Stop Parking here.