Here’s The Most Affordable BNA Parking You Can Find

As one of the fastest growest airports in America, the Nashville International Airport serves thousands of passengers each day. This airport’s code, BNA, stands for Berry Field Nashville, which is in honor of the administrator of the original airport project in the 1930s. Since BNA serves more and more passengers each year as a fast-growing airport, parking has become more expensive too. With the recent travel boom, BNA parking is now the most expensive it’s ever been.

If you’re interested in finding affordable Nashville airport parking, this guide is for you. Below, we’ll prepare with you everything you need to know about parking at BNA to prepare for your trip. Before we dive into the most affordable options for BNA parking, let’s highlight all of the on-site airport parking Nashville has to offer.

Economy Lots at BNA Airport

The cheapest available parking at BNA Airport is in one of their three economy parking lots. At a rate of $16 per day, these are large parking lots where you can leave your car for any amount of time. Due to the mere size of these economy lots, BNA offers a shuttle to transport travelers to the terminals. The larger of the two economy lots, named economy lot C, is quite the maze! The smaller of the economy lots, economy lot B, is located slightly closer to the terminals.

Terminal Lot A

For an extra $2 per day, travelers departing from BNA can choose to park in Terminal Lot A. This parking is at a rate of $18 per day. This lot is smaller and may fill up during busy travel times, however, it is much closer to the terminals. There is no shuttle bus that runs from this parking lot as it is within walking distance from the terminals. Travelers who want to be closer will have to pay the price!

Terminal Garages & Valet Parking

Nashville International Airport also offers two Terminal Garages, at a rate of $26 per day. Both of these terminal garages are only a short walk from the terminals and do not require the use of a shuttle bus. The terminal garages, while pricey, are a good option for those who want covered parking. Parking in one of BNA’s terminal garages offers other advantages too. There are EV charging stations for electric vehicles and a park-assist program. In addition to terminal garage parking, travelers can opt for valet parking for $36 per day.

The rates mentioned above are for a standard car. Oversized or larger vehicles may cost more to park.

Affordable BNA Parking Options

Even the cheapest of Nashville airport parking options is still expensive. At a minimum of $16 per day in an economy parking lot, you may find yourself getting overwhelmed with the amount of money you’re spending on parking. Airport parking can be pricey, especially in major cities such as Nashville. Often, many travelers are not fully aware of all of the parking options available to them.

For budget-conscious travelers looking to save on parking, off-site parking options near BNA are a great option. One Stop Parking allows you to make advance parking reservations online to park at a nearby hotel. You don’t need to be a guest at the hotel, you’re simply using their parking lot! By parking off-site at a nearby hotel, you can save a significant amount of money on your daily parking rate. Plus, the free shuttle will bring you to the airport and back to your car when you return home. If you can spare a few extra minutes, you’ll save a ton on parking!

Affordable Airport Parking Nashville International Airport 

Check out some of the top-ranking One Stop Parking hotel parking lots near BNA below. Compared to the cheapest economy lot at BNA which costs $16 per day, every one of these options offers significant savings! Some of these options are less than half of what it costs to park in an Economy parking lot at BNA.

Avid Hotel Nashville Airport (BNA)

At a daily park rate of $5.35 per day, Avid Hotel Nashville offers a hard-to-believe parking price. Not only is this One Stop Parking location super affordable, but it’s located only 1.3 miles from the airport. Compared to BNA parking, this parking location is a steal! For travelers who want a simple and easy parking solution, this is your answer!

The free airport shuttle runs every 30 minutes from 5 am to 11 pm, which is great for most flights. Rated a 4.7 out of 5 stars from past users, this hotel parking lot is safe, accessible, and simple. Save money on parking and splurge on your trip instead! 

Cambira Hotel Nashville Airport (BNA)

The Cambria Hotel near the Nashville Airport is another super affordable parking option. At only $5.52 per day of parking, this One Stop Parking location is similar to the Avid Hotel listed above. The shuttle also runs from 5 am to 11 pm, available to take you to the airport and back to your car when you return home. 

This hotel is located in a safe location where you can feel confident about leaving your car in! Customer reviews have noted that the lot is in a safe condition and is well-lit. Choose Cambria Hotel Nashville Airport for your BNA parking!

Avid Hotel and Cambria Hotel Nashville are just two of the six One Stop Parking locations near the Nashville Airport. No matter what your needs, One Stop Parking can help you save money by parking at off-site hotel locations near your departure airport. Check out the full list of safe parking options near BNA here.