Here’s Where to Park for Airport Parking in Houston

Known as Houston’s oldest commercial airport, William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) is an international airport located only 7 miles outside of downtown Houston. This airport is one of the three airports managed by the Houston Airport System.

Have a trip coming up soon? Knowing where to park at the Houston Hobby Airport can help make your travel day run smoothly. It never hurts to be prepared! Below, you will find a detailed breakdown of the parking options available at Houston Hobby Airport and a comparison of the price savings available parking through One Stop Parking.

Parking at William P. Hobby Airport (HOU)

William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) offers numerous on-site parking lots for travelers. This includes short-term parking and long-term parking options. Travelers who wish to pre-pay for their parking can do so online through the airport’s website. However, reservations are not required for parking at HOU. For some locations and travel dates, reserving online ahead of time may result in a cheaper rate.

Valet Parking: If you prefer valet parking services, Houston Hobby Airport offers this service in their Red parking garage. Located directly across the street from the airport terminal, parking here offers convenience. Each day of parking will cost you $28 with valet parking service.

Terminal Parking: Houston Hobby offers two standard parking options for self-park at the airport. These are in the Red garage or the Blue garage. The Red garage is the same as mentioned above, only you will need to self-park instead of valet. The rate for self-parking here is $24 per day.

The Blue garage is located directly to the west of the Red garage. Parking here is also $24 per day. There is no real advantage to parking in one over the other. Ultimately, it’s about the availability of parking spaces at the time of your travel. Travelers who park in either the Red or Blue garage are closest to the airport gate (within walking distance). In addition, these parking garages offer EV charging stations, handicap parking, and an automatic parking guidance system to help you park.

EcoPark: The last parking option offered by Houston Hobby Airport is the EcoPark economy parking lot. Many travelers who will be away for several days prefer to park here, due to the price savings. However, this lot is often nearly full or full during peak travel times. Parking in the EcoPark lot will cost you $9.24 per day (plus tax).

When parking in the EcoPark lot, be sure to leave enough time to hop on the airport shuttle. This location is significantly farther from the airport terminals, requiring the use of the shuttle (which runs from 5:30 AM to Midnight every day). Guests who would like to park oversized vehicles, vans, or trucks, may also park in this EcoPark lot.

Should I Drive or Should I Uber/Ride Share?

Part of planning your travel is determining the best way to get to and from the airport. Many ride-share apps such as Uber or Lyft are available to take you to the airport. However, rates for rideshares can be unpredictable and expensive. Depending on the dates and times of your flight departure and arrival, using a ride share may be costly. It also depends on how far (in miles) you’re located from the airport.

With the rising prices of gas and inflation in mind, you can expect your rideshare to cost more than it has on previous trips. Another thing to consider when determining the best method of transportation is your luggage. Uber XL or multi-passenger ride shares sometimes do not have enough room to hold your luggage.

Price Savings on Houston Airport Parking

As you weigh the cost analysis of using a Ride Share or driving yourself to the airport, there’s another option to consider! Park at Houston Marriott South instead. You’re probably thinking “why would I park at a hotel”? Here’s why:

Houston Marriott South partnered with One Stop Parking to allow HOU travelers to share the hotel parking lot. You do not need to be a hotel guest to park here! Located only a mile and a half from HOU, smart travelers park here to save money. The process involves only three simple steps. First, reserve your parking spot online by entering your travel dates. Park in any space in the parking lot and confirm your reservation with the hotel front desk. Then, a free 24/7 shuttle will be provided to take you right to the airport terminal!

As mentioned above, the cheapest on-site parking location at HOU is the EcoPark lot, which costs $9.24 per day (plus tax). In contrast, parking at Houston Marriott South costs only a mere $3.25 per day. That’s a huge saving! In addition, larger vehicles and vans can park here at the same rate, without any additional charges.

How Will I Get Back to my Car?

When travelers learn about One Stop Parking, one of their first questions is “how will I get back to my car?” Included in your price to reserve parking is a free shuttle service, both to the airport terminal and back to your car when you arrive back home. That means you won’t have to worry about scheduling any additional transportation. We’ve got you covered! When you check in at the hotel front desk, they will provide you with the information needed to arrange return shuttle transportation.

Learn More about One Stop Parking

Interested in choosing One Stop Parking for airport parking near Houston airport? Learn more about this easy, convenient, and affordable parking solution by browsing through our frequently asked questions. We strive to make airport parking easy for travelers like you.