How Much Does Airport Parking Cost Per Day?

how much does airport parking cost

Are you planning to fly out anytime soon and wondering how much does airport parking cost? This unforeseen cost can come as a surprise when your trip arrives but we are here to help you prepare and find an affordable solution that suits your needs.

How Much Does Airport Parking Cost Per Day?


The problem with planning for airport parking is that the prices vary greatly from one airport to another. What might seem outlandishly expensive at one airport is only the lower end of the scale at the next, especially at America’s most expensive airports. So it has become an essential part of any trip to do early research on the airport where you intend to park to know their rates.


However, on average, it can cost you upwards of $30 per day to park your car at the airport parking. Other airports have even wildern figures of $50-$70 per day. Some airports have affordable rates of only $10 per day, but for long-term airport parking this quickly adds up.


Airport parking rates are dependent on a number of factors. These factors are:


Length of time

The number of hours you have parked your car at an airport greatly determines how much you are likely to be charged. Certain airports have the policy to charge a minimum for the first hour, an increase in the next 2-3 hours, a further increase in the next 3-5 hours, and the maximum daily rate for more than 5 hours of parking.


Proximity to a terminal

Airports have realized that people enjoy the convenience and they will always pay more to experience such. Hence, airport parking lots that are closer to terminals have a higher rate than those a little bit further from terminals but within an airport.


Valet services

If you are tired of driving around the airport looking for a parking spot, then certain airports have got you covered with their valet parking services. You will pay a higher fee per hour and eventually per day, but it will save you the hustle that comes with looking for a parking spot, especially if you are late for your flight.


Why you shouldn’t park your car at the airport

Despite the convenience offered by parking at an airport, there is no other reason why you should park at the airport. There are numerous reasons, however, why you should consider other alternatives to airport parking. Let us show you why airport parking is not such a good idea.


It is Very Expensive

Terminal parking is almost always more expensive than offsite airport parking. Airports charge whopping rates to park their car in their lots, which explains why airport parking is one of the biggest revenue generators for airports.


A recent study found that airports make about $3.7 billion in annual revenue from car parking rates. This translates to about 41% of their non-aviation income.


Moreover, you could end up spending more than your airfare on your car parking costs, as indicated in a recent survey on the world’s most expensive airport parking. Boston’s Logan Airport and the San Francisco airport ranked very highly in this survey.


Damage to your car


There have been numerous reports of people complaining of dents, scratched doors, and cracked windows on their cars after they returned from their trips. This is especially the case in remote parking lots where there is little to no supervision.


Better Time-Saving options


If saving time is your main motivation for parking at the airport, there are better ways to save time that will cost you far less money. Park and fly is one of the best options that helps you to bring your costs down and to save you time.

With a park and fly option, you can find a hotel that is close to an airport and that offers cheaper long-term parking options. Thus, you get to save on the cost of parking while at the same time reducing the amount of time you spend checking in for your flight.

How to Get Cheaper Airport Parking and Avoid Crazy Parking Fees


Park, Sleep, and Fly


Hotels close to the airport give you offers and discounts that combine a single night in their hotel with long-term parking for your car. You can simply drive to the airport the night before your flight, enjoy your night at the hotel, leave your car there, and avoid the hefty airport parking fees. 


A Friend or Family Member can Drive you to the Airport


If you are rich in social capital, you can find a friend who is willing to drive you to the airport. Also, your family members can see you off and help you save on the hefty airport parking fees.


Use Public Transportation


Public transport is another cheaper alternative to airport parking. Public transportation will cost you a fee, but not as much as the one you would pay at the airport for parking your car. You can, therefore, consider public transport as a means to escape the hefty prices charged by airports for car parking.


Consider Off-Airport Parking


This is by far the best option if you wish to combine convenience, independence, and cost-effectiveness. Off-airport parking, sometimes referred to as “park and fly,” are areas close to the airport where you can park your car at a cheaper price and fly off without any worries. They provide a shuttle service that takes you to the airport and back to the car park after you return.


One Stop Parking is the best when it comes to finding offsite airport parking. All you have to do is enter your airport of departure and trip dates, choose your most convenient reservation securely with no hidden costs, park your car on the day of your trip, and use the free shuttle to the airport.


Airport parking does not have to be a headache anymore! Just search for offsite airport parking with One Stop Parking and you are good to go.