How to Find Affordable Cincinnati Airport Parking

Planning a summer getaway? Dreaming of a tropical escape? While many tourists visit Cincinnati each year, if you’re a local, you’re likely to be dreaming of a more tropical, beach vacation. Whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, you’re likely to be flying out of the Cincinnati Airport. Many of the top airline’s service non-stop flights to popular beach vacation spots, such as Orlando, Tampa, and West Palm Beach.

This busy airport is so busy they even keep their website updated to reflect the number of parking spots currently available. Tons of Cincinnati region and Northern Kentucky locals utilize this airport each year. With over 50 non-stop destinations, this large airport hub services millions of passengers each year. As such, you can expect this airport to be busy. With enhanced safety protocols and a post-COVID travel boom, parking at Cincinnati airport will certainly take some time and patience.

Everything you Need to know about Parking at Cincinnati Airport

The first thing you should know about Cincinnati Airport parking is that CVG offers the option of pre-paid parking. While you don’t have to pre-pay, this can help make your travel day that much smoother. You will be able to search availability within your chosen parking lot via the CVG airport website. From cheapest to most expensive, let’s explore your different parking options at Cincinnati Airport:

CVG Economy Parking Lot: If you’re looking to save money, chances are you’re heading for the economy lot. Parking at this lot requires only a credit card or advanced prepayment. If you’re looking to pay with cash, you will not be able to park in the CVG economy parking lot. This parking lot is not located near the airport terminals. As such, you’ll need to ride the free courtesy shuttle from the parking lot to the airport terminal. This lot is the most popular for long-term parking, due to its rate of $9 per day. This lot can park up to 3,661 vehicles.

  • CVG ValuPark: If the CVG economy parking lot is full, your next cheapest option is to park on-site at CVG in the CVG ValuPark lot. Like the Economy lot, no cash is accepted for payment. For $2 more per day (daily rate of $11 per day), this lot offers luggage assistance. This large lot has 4,655 spaces and is a lot less likely to fill than the economy parking lot.
  • General Parking Lot: If you’re looking to save money, parking in the general parking lot is not ideal. This lot costs a pricey $18 per day of parking. The general parking lot is located adjacent to the terminals, within walking distance. The proximity to the airport terminals is why this lot is far more expensive than the economy parking options.
  • Premium Reserved or Valet Parking Lots: Although they’re worth mentioning for those in need, premium reserved and valet parking lots at CVG will certainly rack up a bill. At $22 per day or $30 per day for premium and valet, respectively, travelers looking to cut costs should avoid this parking location.

More Affordable Parking near Cincinnati Airport 

CVG Parking is certainly not affordable, especially for those going on several-day trips. Did you know there are other more affordable parking options for CVG Parking? To learn more, keep reading to learn about an exciting new alternative to help you find affordable Cincinnati Airport Parking for your next trip.

Parking with One Stop Parking makes your life easy while saving you money on CVG parking. When you park in either of the two economy lots at the airport, you’ll need to take a shuttle to get to the airport terminals. If you have to take a shuttle anyway, why not park off-site at a nearby hotel?

The One Stop Parking Process

One Stop Parking offers several nearby locations for Cincinnati Airport Parking. Using hotel parking lots, you can safely park your car right outside of the airport without getting hit with hefty parking fees. Once you make an online reservation with One Stop Parking, a trip itinerary will be emailed to you. 

On the day of your parking reservation, simply show your reservation to the front desk staff at your chosen hotel. They will help confirm and give you directions to board a free, complimentary airport shuttle. The airport shuttle will also be there to bring you back to your car when you return from your trip! The free airport shuttle is included in the price per day at One Stop Parking locations.

One Stop Parking locations have varying rates depending on their proximity to the airport, shuttle service times, and other accommodations. No matter which parking location you choose, you’re guaranteed safe and secure parking at rates that beat the CVG airport! Note: You do not need to be a hotel guest to park with One Stop Parking. The staff at the front desk will simply help with parking arrangements only.

How Much Will One Stop Parking Cost for Parking Near Cincinnati Airport?

The cheapest parking location near Cincinnati Airport costs only $4.95 per day at the nearby Holiday Inn & Suites. This parking location is just under six miles from the airport. One Stop Parking also offers other parking sites for those looking to be a little closer to the airport. The Quality Inn & Suites is located only a mile and a half from the airport, priced at only $5.99 per day. Compared to the cheapest on-site parking location on airport property at $9 per day, this is an impressive saving!

Search today to find affordable Cincinnati Airport Parking!