How to grab Affordable Raleigh Airport Parking

Whether you have an upcoming trip planned or are dreaming of your next adventure, travel can be expensive! As a result of changing times and inflation, rising costs of travel may have put a damper on your travel goals. As of February 2022, airfare pricing was 12.7% higher already than in 2021 (NerdWallet). Significant price increases in lodging and food have made travel more expensive too. 

Although prices have increased, planning an affordable budget for travel is still possible. With some research and savvy tips, you’ll be able to find workarounds and affordable options to make your travel dreams come true.

Things Not to Overpay For When Traveling

As you’re planning and budgeting for your dream getaway, aim to prioritize what’s most important. Which categories of your trip can you save money on, and which are not negotiable? This rule of thumb applies whether you’re traveling locally or internationally. 


According to an analysis of major airports in North Carolina, RDU airport ranked as one of the most affordable for flight pricing. If you’re departing from Raleigh Airport, saving on your airfare is certainly possible. Book your flight as early as possible, as rates tend to increase as the travel date draws nearer. Another great way to save money on flights is to be flexible with your travel dates! This may mean traveling in the off-season or going on less-popular days.

Choosing an economy class is always the best way to keep airfare to a minimum. With so many vacation expenses, one thing not to overpay for is your flight.


Though it can be tempting to stay at a 4 or 5-star resort in luxury, consider how much time you’ll actually spend in your room. Are you going to be out sightseeing all day? Why overpay for a bed and a shower? Using a trusted hotel booking platform, book your lodging accommodations as early as possible to get the best rates.


Parking is perhaps one of the worst things travelers can overpay for on their trip! While it’s a necessity to get to the airport, pricing on-site at airports tends to get pricy. Depending on the length of your getaway, parking can seriously make a dent in your budget. Not sure how to save money on Raleigh Airport Parking? Keep reading below for some tips on grabbing the most affordable Raleigh Airport Parking available.

Grabbing Affordable Raleigh Airport Parking

The first step to grabbing affordable Raleigh Airport Parking is to steer clear of parking at RDU. While RDU’s parking lots offer convenience and safety, their high prices are not worth the expense. If your vacation budget is already tight, skip overpaying for pricey airport parking.

Instead, use One Stop Parking to park off-site for rates far less than those at RDU airport. Even better, you won’t have to sacrifice at all! Many people choose to park at the airport due to convenience. However, parking in RDU Economy lots still requires a shuttle service from the lot to the airport terminal. Not to mention, these busy lots can be stressful to find a spot in!

What is One Stop Parking?

One Stop Parking partners with thousands of hotels for the perfect parking solution. For the Raleigh-Durham airport, there are five parking locations to choose from. The concept is simple. Hotel parking lots often have tons of extra space! One Stop Parking has created a program to share this space to use for airport parking too! By parking nearby to the airport, you’re able to save tons of money on parking.

One Stop Parking Rates vs. Raleigh Airport Parking Rates

The cheapest economy parking lot at Raleigh Durham airport is $11 per day. To compare, the five One Stop Parking locations nearby to RDU cost between $5.75 and $8.00 per day. You’re probably wondering, what’s the catch? Or maybe you’re wondering “how do I save money if I still need transportation to the airport?”

One Stop Parking is a complete parking solution to saving money! The best part of all (beyond the incredible price savings) is the free, complimentary shuttle included in your parking fee. Not only does this take you from the parking spot to the airport, but the free shuttle will also arrive to take you back when you return. Parking in an economy lot at RDU requires a shuttle ride anyway, so why not stay off-site and save some money?

In addition to affordable pricing, all One Stop Parking locations have many reviews to browse. Like to know how other travelers like you felt about the experience? Read the many reviews for each parking location before booking to get an idea!

Best Value for Parking at RDU Airport Parking

Embassy Suites by Hilton is an excellent nearby location to safely park your vehicle while you’re away. The hotel staff is both friendly and helpful, offering on-time shuttle service 24/7. Any time of your day your flight departs or arrives, the free complimentary shuttle service will be available. For no extra charge, you can also park an oversized van, SUV, or pick-up truck. For only $5.75 per night, this is an excellent way to not overpay for parking on your next vacation.

Spend on Things that Matter

Now that you’ve learned about saving on airport parking, check out One Stop Parking to reserve your parking spot for RDU airport parking. We know your travel budget is tight, so we strive to offer the best possible parking rates around!