Parking Near Pearson Airport Doesn’t Have to Cost A Fortune: Here’s How to Save

Toronto Airport Cheap Parking

Like many airports, Toronto Airport has its parking separated to appeal to two types of travelers. This includes those who want to park close to the terminal at any cost or those who are willing to park farther to save money. For the purposes of this budget-friendly article, the following will only explore the economy parking options at YYZ airport.

  • Value Park Garage: This economy parking garage is for people who want covered parking only. All levels are covered, except the roof. The daily rate for parking here is $29 per day. The value parking garage is located closer to terminal 3 and farther from terminal 1, however, the train will stop at both. The train ride takes about 6 to 12 minutes, depending on which terminal you’re departing from.
  • Value Park Lot: If you’re not concerned about covered parking, the value park lot is an option for Toronto park n’ fly. The daily parking rate of $24 will save you $5 per day over the covered parking mentioned above. The value park lot is nearby to the value park garage, situated closer to terminal 3. Guests will need to take the train to reach the terminals. The train runs every four minutes. This lot is the cheapest option that YYZ offers on-site.
  • Economy Reserved Lot: Another option for YYZ parking is available if you want to be a bit closer to the terminals. However, this location is not much closer than the two parking options mentioned above. This reserved lot guarantees you’ll definitely be able to find a spot. There is no set for this reserved lot, as it fluctuates based on the day and time. The sooner you book in advance of your flight departure date, the cheaper the rate will be.

Several other options for parking near Pearson airport are available, however, they are all more expensive than the economy list above. Toronto airport cheap parking is a much better saving when you park off-site!

Why Not Park at Pearson Airport

Beyond the price considerations mentioned above, there are other reasons smart travelers should consider parking elsewhere. Although you may think parking at Pearson Airport will add convenience to your travel plans, this is not always the case. 

Toronto Airport requires the use of the T1/T3 terminal train from their value parking lots, which can be a hassle. Not to mention, these airport parking lots are huge! You may have difficulty finding a spot and remembering where you parked when you return. After a long and exhausting journey home, you’re unlikely to want to have to trek a long distance back to your parked vehicle.

Another reason to think again about parking at Toronto airport is the safety. No parking lot is ever 100% secure, but parking at the airport can pose some risks. As these are highly trafficked lots, your car could be at risk for physical damage or theft.

Quality Surveillance for Pearson Airport Parking

Worried about the safety of your vehicle while you’re away? No need to worry! When you select an OneStopParking lot with quality surveillance, you’ll not only save money but you’ll be assured your car is being watched over. EZ Airport Parking features two affordable parking options with quality surveillance.

Travelers can choose from an uncovered parking lot at $9.99 per day of parking or select a covered parking garage for $14.99 per day. Not only is this parking location located only two minutes away from the Pearson airport, but it’s safely secured and monitored by person and camera/video surveillance 24/7!

Valet Service to your Terminal

If you prefer to skip the shuttle ride, opt for OneStopParking valet service to your airport terminal. By parking at Park For U YYZ, you’ll be assigned a trusted valet service driver that will drive your car to YYZ to drop you off. They will then return your car to the hotel parking location. On the trip back, your driver will pick you up in your car from the airport to bring you back to the lot. 

This service is great if you want to avoid the shuttle ride, while still saving money on YYZ parking. Per day, parking at Park for U YYZ will cost only $11.95.

Most Affordable Toronto Park N’ Fly

If saving the most amount of money is at the top of your list, check out parking at Nu Hotel (YYZ). This OneStopParking location has a price that is hard to beat! At only $4.99 per day of parking, you can save money to spend on more important things than parking. The reliable and complimentary shuttle service runs 24 hours, offering service every half hour to the airport and service every half hour or hour from the airport back to the parking lot.

The Secret of Affordable Pearson Airport Parking

Impressed you’ve found the best way to save money on affordable Pearson airport parking? No need to be gatekeeping this secret! There are plenty of OneStopParking YYZ locations with spaces for everyone. Tell your friends, family, and coworkers about an amazing way to avoid overpaying for parking near Pearson airport. 
Have questions about how OneStopParking’s process works? Check out these easy FAQs to answer every one of your questions before your next flight.