RDU Airport Parking Is a Mess in the Holidays: Do This Instead

RDU Airport Parking

Traveling around the holiday time can come with numerous hassles. From increased prices, long lines to wait in, busy airports, potential flight cancelations, and crowded parking lots, holiday travelers must plan in advance. Last year at Raleigh Durham Airport (RDU), holiday travelers experienced many of these common problems.

In December of 2021, RDU airport officials served an estimated 494,000 travelers between the busiest travel dates of Dec. 18 through Jan. 2, 2021. As people travel across the country and internationally for the holidays and the new year, this large number of travelers is to be expected.

To prepare travelers for the busy holiday season, Raleigh Durham airport staff urged travelers to leave extra time for anticipated delays. This included arriving extremely early, at least two hours in advance for domestic flights and three hours for international flights. Furthermore, travelers were urged to anticipate longer lines to pass through security checkpoints and to find airport parking.

busy airport
Busy airports can be a nightmare during the holiday season. Photo by Carlos Coronado

Hectic Parking Lots at RDU This Holiday Season

Worried about long lines and stressful travel for your RDU flight? Finding parking at RDU during the holiday season can be especially difficult. For the holidays, you’re likely to be traveling with your family or children. Of course, this can amount to even more stress as you look for parking throughout RDU’s busy parking lots.

Even during non-peak travel seasons, parking at RDU can be a hassle. Given the mere size of the airport, (5,000 acres) there are tons of parking options throughout the airport campus. Most of these parking lots on-site are not within walking distance of the airport terminal. That means you’ll need to ride the free shuttle to take you from the parking lot to the airport.

Using the status indicator located on RDU’s website, travelers can check the percentage of remaining parking spots in each airport parking lot. The more affordable the daily parking rate, the fewer spots you can expect to be available. If you’re traveling during the holiday season, this means you may get stuck overpaying for RDU airport parking.

airport parking
Airport parking fills up quick during the holidays. Photo by Roozbeh Eslami

RDU Airport Parking Prices

The best thing you can do to make your holiday travel easier is to prepare in advance. To do this, we recommend becoming familiar with the price of Raleigh airport parking. Below is a short list that covers the most inexpensive options for RDU airport parking. (The following list does not include parking locations that are closed at this time).

Park RDU Economy Lot 3 or Lot 4: Parking in either of these two economy lots will cost $11 per day. If you’re able to find a spot during peak travel times, you’re lucky! These large, long-term parking lots fill up quickly. These are located the farthest away from the airport terminal of all RDU airport parking lots.

Park RDU Central: Parking in the RDU central parking lot offers both covered and uncovered parking options. It is also much closer than the RDU Economy parking lots. However, parking here will cost you a hefty $17 per day. Due to the smaller size of this location, it is also likely to fill up during holiday travel dates.

Other more expensive options are available for RDU parking, which cost $25 per day to park. You certainly don’t want to get stuck parking here while you rush to make your flight!

Save the Stress of Searching for a Spot

Getting your whole family out the door and on time for your flight is difficult enough! Not to mention, you’ll need to arrive at the airport even earlier to allow for extended holiday waiting times. Skip the hassle of searching crowded airport parking lots when looking for parking at RDU.

Parking with One Stop Parking instead will allow you to reserve a parking space in advance, helping to take one hassle off of your plate. Not to mention, at unbeatable daily parking rates, you’ll save a ton during your holiday vacation. Enter the dates you need parking online and pre-pay for your parking in advance of your arrival. We make Raleigh airport parking a breeze.

Your Options for Raleigh Airport Parking

Holiday travelers who want to park with One Stop Parking have tons of options to choose from. If you want to be ultra-close to the airport, look to park at Cambria Hotel & Suites (RDU). Located only one mile from RDU airport, you’ll be only a short shuttle ride away from your airport departure terminal. This One Stop Parking location offers safe and secures RDU parking for a fraction of the cost of parking on site. For only $5.95 per day of parking, you’ll receive:

A parking location with enhanced security
Amazing savings on daily parking rates
Free shuttle service to and from your parking location
Reserved parking to eliminate the stress of full parking lots
Friendly and reliable help from hotel staff

Parking at the Cambria Hotel & Suites (RDU) also comes with high praise from our past customers. Rated a total of 4.7 out of 5 stars, you’re guaranteed to love parking at this off-site location. This parking location has received superior ratings for the condition of the parking lot, customer service, and other important features.

If parking at Cambria Hotel & Suites doesn’t strike your fancy, there are plenty more RDU parking spots available at our other parking locations. Whether you’re in search of the cheapest possible self-parking or a handicap-accessible parking location, One Stop Parking offers everything you need.

Smart Holiday Decisions

As you plan your holiday travel this year, take advantage of One Stop Parking’s many opportunities to save you time and stress. You’ll steer clear of the airport parking mess during the busiest travel season of the year. Not to mention, you’ll keep your spending curbed so you have more money to spend on holiday indulgences.