Raleigh-Durham International Airport Parking Guide

Raleigh-durham international airport parking

Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) serves as a bustling travel hub, connecting passengers to destinations across the globe. Navigating the airport experience seamlessly includes checking in, buying overpriced airport coffee, and planning for parking. Raleigh-Durham International Airport Parking offers a range of on-site parking options to accommodate diverse traveler needs but you can also book RDU off-site parking through OneStopParking if you are looking for a convenient and affordable alternative.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport Parking: On-Site options

These are the various options for RDU parking on location:

ParkRDU Central

Located conveniently adjacent to the terminals, ParkRDU Central offers both covered and uncovered parking options and is one of the most popular Raleigh-Durham International Airport Parking options. Travelers opting for uncovered parking will find a cost-effective solution, with rates set at $2 per hour and a daily maximum of $14. For those preferring covered parking, the rates are slightly higher at $3 per hour, with a daily maximum of $20. The accessibility to terminals ensures a swift transition from parking to check-in, making it a suitable choice for those seeking efficiency.

ParkRDU Premier

For a premium parking experience, ParkRDU Premier provides covered parking with enhanced amenities. Situated close to the terminals, this option offers wider parking spaces, making the parking process more comfortable and stress-free. The cost for ParkRDU Premier is $3 per hour, with a daily maximum of $18. Travelers who prioritize convenience and added features may find ParkRDU Premier to be a worthwhile investment.

ParkRDU Economy

For budget-conscious travelers, ParkRDU Economy offers a cost-effective solution while still providing proximity to the airport. While the location may be slightly farther from the terminals compared to other options, the savings may be a compelling factor. Travelers using ParkRDU Economy can expect to pay $2 per hour, with a daily maximum of $10. This option strikes a balance between affordability and accessibility, making it an attractive choice for those mindful of their budget.

Raleigh-Durham Airport Parking: Off-Site options

OneStopParking allows you to pre-book your parking space at participating service providers close to the airport. This affords you a level of convenience and affordability like never before:

Embassy Suites by Hilton

This trusted name in accommodation offers excellent value for money with parking spots costing only $7.95 per day. Embassy Suites is located 5 miles from RDU and there is a shuttle service running every 30 minutes between 4:30 AM and midnight. full-size vans, pick-up trucks, and large SUVs can also make use of this facility at no extra cost.

Microtel Inns & Suites

For only $8.95 per day, you can park at Microtel Inns & Suites which is conveniently located only 1.5 miles from the airport. There is no extra charge for oversized vehicles and you can make use of their free shuttle between 4 AM and midnight. There is a 24/7 front desk reception and their parking area is under camera surveillance for added peace of mind.

Quality Inn & Suites

Quality Inn & Suites offers premium parking spots only 1.5 miles from the airport. Your vehicle will be under surveillance and there is an airport shuttle every 30 minutes between 4 AM and midnight. They also offer on-demand pick-up. All of this is for only $11.20 per day with no extra charge for oversized vehicles.

Cambria Hotel & Suites

Only 1 mile from the airport is Cambria Hotel & Suites, offering a wheelchair-friendly off-site parking option. Their parking spots can be reserved at $19.95 per day, with no extra charge for large cars. They have an efficient shuttle between 4 AM and midnight, running every 30 minutes.

Double Tree by Hilton

Double Tree is another trusted hotel by the Hilton group and their parking spots are available at only $7 per day. Make use of their complimentary shuttle service every 30 minutes between 6:00 AM and 12:30 AM and there is no extra charge for oversized vehicles either.

Choosing the Right RDU Parking Option

When deciding on the most suitable RDU parking, several factors come into play. The choice often depends on individual preferences, priorities, and budget considerations. Here are some aspects to consider when you are looking at Raleigh-Durham international Airport Parking:

  • Proximity to Terminals

If convenience and minimal travel time to the terminals are top priorities, on-site parking options like ParkRDU Central and ParkRDU Premier are ideal choices. The proximity ensures a quick and efficient journey from your parked vehicle to the check-in counters.

  • Budget Considerations

For budget-conscious travelers, ParkRDU Economy provides a cost-effective solution without compromising too much on accessibility. Understanding your budget constraints and balancing them with your parking preferences can help you make an informed decision.

  • Premium Amenities

For those seeking a more comfortable and premium parking experience, ParkRDU Premier offers covered parking with wider spaces. The additional amenities may justify the slightly higher cost for travelers who prioritize convenience and an enhanced parking experience.

  • Off-Site Parking Considerations

When exploring RDU off-site parking options, factors such as shuttle service frequency, security measures, and customer reviews become crucial. Off-site parking can be a viable alternative, offering potential cost savings, but it’s essential to weigh the convenience and amenities provided by off-site facilities.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport parking caters to a diverse range of travelers by offering multiple on-site parking options. Whether you prioritize proximity, budget, or premium amenities, there’s a parking solution to suit your needs. Additionally, exploring off-site parking options can provide alternatives for those seeking cost-effective choices. By considering your preferences and priorities, you can navigate the Raleigh-Durham Airport Parking landscape with confidence, ensuring a smooth start to your journey.



*The prices for Raleigh-Durham International Airport Parking were correct at the time of publishing but could be changed without prior notice.