RDU Airport Parking: The Secret to Saving Big

RDU airport parking

It’s no secret that airport parking is always pricy. No matter which airport you depart from, airports charge a pretty penny for parking due to the convenience. Many travelers find they have no choice but to park at the airport, despite the expensive price point. Parking at RDU is no exception to this airport nighmare. 

If you’re not careful, you can get stuck paying quite a bit to park for several days at RDU. The good news is that saving big with RDU airport parking is now possible. Explore this guide to learn more about how you can find affordable parking at RDU.

Economy Parking at Raleigh-Durham Airport

Raleigh-Durham International Airport offers several parking lots and garages surrounding its two airport terminals. If you book your parking space online in advance, you may be able to save a bit when compared to the “drive-up” parking rate. The savings will vary depending on which lot you choose, the dates of travel, and the length of the parking stay. In addition, busy and peak travel days and times will impact the pricing of advance RDU parking.

On-site parking at RDU will cost you a minimum of $11 per day, using RDU’s economy parking lot 3 or 4. These economy parking lots may fill on busy travel days, so reserve your spot in advance! You can also use RDU’s website to see the availability of each parking lot. When you park in either of the two economy parking lots, you’ll need to ride the free, 24/7 shuttle to take you to the airport terminal. While parking in these offers a discount compared to other RDU parking lots, you’ll be much farther from the airport terminal.

The Airport Parking Secret

The secret to saving on parking at RDU may surprise you. Instead of parking at RDU, park near RDU! In concise terms, the best way to save money on Raleigh airport parking is to park nearby the airport, instead of on airport property. As previously mentioned, Raleigh-Durham airport parking is expensive simply for convenience. However, what if there was a way that you could combine convenience with price savings?

From the initial booking to the day of your travel and return, securing a One Stop Parking spot is equally, if not more convenient than parking at the airport. Let’s explore why:

  • With One Stop Parking, you can pre-pay for your whole parking stay in advance either by phone or online. This secure payment takes the hassle out of day-of payments and never includes any hidden costs.
  • Cancellation is also free for all reservations. One Stop Parking understands that travel plans sometimes change unexpectedly! 
  • You’re guaranteed a safe, secure parking space in a reliable lot. Unlike many of the large parking lots at RDU, parking at a nearby hotel lot is far less stressful. Not only will it be easy to find a space, but it will also be easier to remember where you parked when you return!
  • Free shuttle from your parking space to the terminal. Often, people say they must park on-site at RDU, as they need transportation to the airport. However, they must not know about One Stop Parking! Of course, parking off-site would not be economical if you first needed to pay for transportation to the airport. That’s why all One Stop Parking locations offer a free airport shuttle, included in the daily parking rate.
  • Save time from driving around and around. Navigating airport parking, especially at larger hub airports such as Raleigh-Durham International Airport, can be tricky. Even if you’ve got a map, finding your intended “economy” parking lot amongst the many lots can take some extra time. Instead, make it easy by driving straight to your chosen hotel parking lot. With only one parking lot, you’ll have no trouble finding it!

As you can see, the real secret to saving big with RDU airport parking is One Stop Parking. Check out some of the best locations to choose for your parking at RDU on your next trip.

Embassy Suites by Hilton (RDU) The Embassy Suites by Hilton (RDU) is the most popular hotel parking option through One Stop Parking. Why? Because of the unbeatable value and great shuttle hours. For only $6.49 per day, you’ll pay almost half the price of the economy parking lot at the airport. Not to mention, the free airport shuttle begins running at 4:30 a.m. and runs through until midnight. These flexible airport shuttle hours are great to accommodate most flights! 

Another reason this location is popular is due to its enhanced security measures. This lot provides 24/7 surveillance to ensure parked cars are safe and no suspicious activity is occurring throughout the lot.

Quality Inn & Suites (RDU) If you’d like to be a little closer to the airport, One Stop Parking has even closer options! For example, the Quality Inn & Suites (RDU) is located only 1.5 miles from RDU airport terminals. Travelers with earlier flights like this parking location, as their shuttle begins running at 4 a.m. Ranked 4.1 out of 5 stars from past travelers, this location is both secure and close to the airport. You can’t go wrong parking at Quality Inn & Suites for your next Raleigh-Durham departure.
Want to learn more about all of the exciting locations for Raleigh airport parking? Click here to browse the full list. Saving money on RDU parking is finally possible!