Your Guide to Cheap Parking near Cincinnati Airport

CVG airport, a popular airport serving the Cincinnati region, serves millions of passengers each year. As one of the fastest-growing airports, CVG offers various parking lots to accommodate each traveler’s airport parking needs. Whether you need long-term parking or short-term parking, preparing to park at CVG airport requires some planning.

This CVG airport parking guide is designed to help travelers like you find the cheapest parking near Cincinnati airport. Though it may seem impossible, finding affordable airport parking is certainly possible using One Stop Parking’s locations. Want to learn more about how it works? Let’s dive in!

Prices for Parking at Cincinnati Airport

Wondering how much parking will cost you for your next flight out of CVG? CVG parking will cost you between $9 and $30 per day, depending on which parking option you select. The cheapest options, the economy parking lot and ValuPark offer the most affordable parking for guests who want to park on-site at CVG. While other options are available, including valet parking and covered parking, these options are certainly not a good choice for travelers on a budget. Given the daily parking rates, longer trips can quickly become expensive.

Availability of Parking at Cincinnati Airport

Before you head to the airport, check the CVG Airport website to see how many spots are remaining in the on-site parking lots. The economy lot ($9 per day) and CVG ValuPark ($11 per day) each have about 4,000 parking spaces, offering plenty of room for travelers even on busy days. Though the economy options can help to save you money, you can expect to park in a very busy and large parking lot that is far from the airport terminals.

Recent Changes in CVG Parking

As of October of last year (2021), Cincinnati airport has made a few changes in its airport parking. Before October 2021, the airport parking lot shuttle would drop passengers off curbside at the airport terminal. Now, CVG Parking has changed so that all shuttles drop off and pick up at Ground Transport West. In addition, it should be noted that all parking lots at CVG will only accept credit card payments (no cash).

Is Parking in the Economy or CVG ValuPark the Best Option?

When considering the options for cheap parking, it’s important to evaluate if parking on-site at CVG is a priority. Though these are the cheapest options offered for on-site Cincinnati airport parking, they are not the cheapest options in general. To save the most money, parking off-site using a local hotel parking lot is a great way to save money. All of the hotels are very close to the airport and offer free shuttle transportation from your vehicle to the airport terminal. Upon your return, a free shuttle service is also included. To learn how to find cheap hotels near CVG to park at, keep reading below!

Choosing the Cheapest CVG Airport Parking

Choosing the cheapest parking near Cincinnati airport requires only a few, simple steps. First, visit to find the many available parking locations near CVG. You’ll need to enter your travel dates to determine availability.

When you search for available CVG parking, a list of vetted, secure, and reasonably-priced lots will appear. These parking lots all offer affordable pricing that will beat any parking at CVG you can find. Included in your reservation, regardless of which location you select, is a reliable shuttle service to take you directly to the airport terminal. 

To choose the best CVG parking for you, pay attention to the following details of each parking location:

  • Shuttle Times: Each location for Cincinnati airport parking offers a free shuttle that runs at different hours. Before selecting a parking location, carefully read through the hours of operation. In the event your flight is delayed, you’ll want to make sure you leave yourself enough time as a “buffer”. Some One Stop Parking locations offer 24/7 shuttle service, while others operate between specific times.

One option is the Hilton CVG Hotel, which offers a 24/7 shuttle to and from the CVG airport. Each punctual shuttle departs every hour and half hour to go to the airport. To board, simply wait out the front of the hotel and show the driver your confirmation. Parking at Hilton CVG Hotel is also the same price ($5.50 per day) to park a large SUV, pickup truck, or van.

  • Distance from Airport: Each One Stop Parking location is located 6 or fewer miles from Cincinnati Airport. Therefore, no matter which parking lot you choose, you’ll have only a short shuttle ride over. However, some travelers still prefer to remain very close to the airport. For the closest possible option, check out Quality Inn & Suites CVG. This safe parking lot is located only 1.5 miles from CVG for only $5.99 per day!
  • Security: One Stop Parking only partners with safe, reliable hotels for airport parking. While all locations are safe and secure, some parking options may offer additional security. This includes surveillance cameras or gated options. For more information, read the details of the parking location you intend to select.

Arriving at the Parking Location

After you’ve reserved your parking spot online in advance, simply arrive at the hotel on the day of your travel. Enter the hotel and speak to the front desk staff to secure the reservation. Park your car at any available spot and you’re good to go! The hotel staff will provide a phone number to call when you return, for shuttle pick up.

Now, all that’s left to do is to reserve affordable parking near Cinncinati airport!